Gaining XP for giving AP to student

 A mage in one of my classes continues to level up.  He told me his trick.  The warrior in his pod is using up his first aid and losing AP so that he could help his warrior classmate by gaining XP through a Mana Transfer.  Is this legitimate or would you call it cheating?

It's a gray area. I've always had a few mages that think they're going to play the system and just Mana Transfer spam themselves up in level. It's a shame, because that's not the spirit of the game. Here's how I combat it:

1) Give the mage powers you can customize (can't customize mana transfer, IIRC) they WANT to use MORE than Mana Transfer. Free Bathroom passes (Invisibility; leave the room for 4 minutes), hints on tests or letting them listen to headphones during classwork. They'll never have any AP left over to Mana Transfer

2) limit the number of AP the mage can have. 

3) reduce the AP regen rate (I wouldn't do this, personally)

4) Create events that target high level characters or characters that have used a lot of AP. "It's tiring to get to the top; the character with the most XP is targeted by the assassin's guild. Lose 15 HP." "It's tiring to be the best. The player with the fewest AP loses 10 HP." or "Woe to all mages! Something is wrong with the forces of magic. All mages lose all of their AP." (Maybe a bit extreme, but it will take a while to regen those APs)


Hope some of this helps.

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