"Undo" Button


An "undo" button would be helpful for those, like me, who accidently tap the wrong item or character, on occasion, when awarding/removing points. I currently make manual adjustments with the description OOPS!

Is this just me? 

Hi, Mindy!

The black +/- button actually works as our "undo" button. You can also clear the events from the game feed by pressing the  "x" in the top corner (although I do love the OOPS description! ;-)).


I just accidentally gave 1000 points to a student. I have used the black +/- sign, but I can only take off HP. Is there a,way to take back XP?

Hi Dimitra,

Using the black +/- button, you can give HP, AP, and XP, or take it back by entering a negative value (-X).

If you're not able to do that, it could be an issue with your browser. Classcraft only supports recent versions of Chrome and Safari.

Ah, nice.  Thank you!  I'm wondering if a student leveling up by me accidentally assigning points to them would bring them back down a level.


Indeed, if you subtract XP, the student will go down in level.

Very helpful!  Thanks :]

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