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Classcraft works so well for classroom management that it would be a great help for supply teachers - it gives them additional power and it keeps the classroom routine uninterrupted. Currently, you would have to give all of your account information to a substitute in order for him/her to use it. What if there were a temporary account or sub-account/secondary-sign-in that could be set up? There could be field blanks on the profile page for "secondary log-in" and its "password". They would not have the ability to make any changes (with perhaps the exception of student password reset) but they could use the features to run the class.

Thanks again for a great LMS!

Hi Mindy,

Thank you for the suggestion! We're bringing it to the team's attention. :-)

This is a genius idea.  One of my behaviors is "Treated the sub with respect" and "Did not treat the sub as a Cougar should".  This would allow the sub to directly make it work!


I agree.  I have a student teacher and I would like to give her access to my account. 

I would love to see this too.  Since I have my Classcraft linked to my Google Account, I would have to give my substitute my Google Account login to have him/her use it, which I DON'T want to do.  The only other way around this is to have a site license, which we don't as I'm the only teacher on Classcraft.  

Hi Jacki Riffey there is a work around so that you don't have to give your Google Password to your sub :D

I also ran into the problem today of a substitute teacher. Students can’t advance if I’m not there to mark work (sometimes 3-5 tasks in one period). A random sub is not going to be able to run Classcraft, and can't (legally/professionally) mark work, especially if they don't know the subject. A global “self-paced for all” setting or “substitute mode” would be amazing - let students all advance, and then when I turn the switch off, it goes back to my established self-paced vs manual review.

Thanks for your input Matt! I've shared your feedback with the rest of the team! :)

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