Same teacher, different classes, separate points...


I am a music teacher and would like to set up each of my ensembles as a class, which would mean that I have students who are in several 'classes' (Grade 10 music class, concert band, jazz band, and choir, for example) I'm pretty sure they don't want to set up a new character for each of those classes, so I would use multi-class. But I want to be able to keep track of the points they earn in each class, as opposed to one overall total. Is this possible? 

For instance, my students already earn points (nothing to do with classcraft, just my system) for arriving on time or early for rehearsal, and loose points for arriving late. Then, the top person/section/ensemble wins a prize each month. I am thinking it would be easier to manage the point through Classcraft, but only if I can separate the rehearsal points form the other points they get (in other classes.)

Does this question make sense...?

Hi, Kay!

Yes, even if students are using the same character in multiple classes, you can keep track of which class they earned points in.

The game feed is unique to each class. Also, the Analytics (a Premium feature) will also show you points earned per class.

Let me know if that helps!

With the new policy, is it still possible to make a multi-class with yourself without a site licence?

Hi, Jared!

Yes, you can still connect via multi-class with yourself without a school license.

So, how does one set this up?  I, too, teach band and my Jazz students are already in another class.  I do not see where to configure this...

Hi Josh,

Are your Jazz students in another class with you or with another teacher?

They are with me.

Hi Josh,

Got it! In the "Students" section of your class settings, click the green "Add Students" button at the top, then click "Student Database" on the righthand side. Next, simply select the students you'd like to add to your class.

Let me know if you have further questions!

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