Classcraft for Kindergarteners?

I teach a graduate course at which I presented how I integrate Classcraft in my 7th grade classroom.  One of my adult students asked me if there are any gamification programs out there like Classcraft or if Classcraft has a more simplified version for the Kindergarten level.  Also, what age would you say is the youngest age you could use Classcraft with?

I am currently trying classcraft out in my kindergarten classroom.  So far, they understand it, but with quite a bit of help.  Another program that is simpler and has worked well for kindergarten is call Class Dojo.  Hope this helps.

I'm using it with 8th grade but I haven't used it with my 6th graders yet.

Charlene, I use it with my 7th graders and they love it.  6th graders will love it, too!

I use it for my 4th grade class. I think anything younger than 3rd grade would really be a stretch and it might become a bigger distraction instead of a benefit.

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