Changing Powers

My students have been asking me if I could change their powers.  I have been doing it not knowing if this is ok.  What are your thoughts about this?  This is my first year implementing and I'm learning as I go along.

When I first started this last year, I let them do it as I was getting familiar with the game. However, I learned quickly that that eats up a lot of time, and they are usually only doing it because a daily event has captured their interest and they couldn't take advantage of it. Needless to say, this year I did not allow that. At some point, there will be events that work in their favour and they will enjoy the powers that they have. 

I generally only change powers once per kid, and only if they make a stupid first choice. For example, I had a bunch of kids pick selfish powers first instead of cooperative ones, so they couldn't protect, heal, or mana transfer. Their classmates were suffering because of it, so I went in and changed the powers for them.

I agree that it works best if the students begin with the protect, heal, or mana transfer...something that I learned after a last year's trial phase. It completely changes the tone of the game and makes it more collaborative.

During our first week of classcraft, I accepted all requests for changing powers, for us to get used to the different powers and their impacts... Then I decided that power changing can only happen on the first of the month or when a student levels up (then only that student can change his or her powers). They are quite satisfied with this solution

That's a good solution, Lyne!

Next semester I will be selling the ability to switch powers.  It will cost anywhere from 100 to 200 GP.  

 How did you change their power? I have same situation where student's initially chose a selfish power, but they would like a collaborative power, and I would like to change it.  Thank you!

If you click on the student, then click on learn powers, you can click on a power and unlearn it for the student.

I actually created three random events (admittedly I found it on another teacher's website, but I liked the idea so I swiped it) where each character class gets a "potion of transference".  On the day their random event comes up, they have the option of having their powers reset, but if they don't take it that day, they won't get to switch and just have to live with what they picked.

It is now 2021 and I am trying to change a students power choice and am unable to find out how.  I know I have changed the powers in years past.  Anyone know the steps in how to do it now?

Hi Rodney,

We are aware of this inability to unlearn powers for your students and our engineers are working on correcting this.

We have made a few changes to the way our platform interacts with certain devices in order to be ADA compliant and this created a few unintended side effects. Thank you for flagging this, it should be fixed soon!


In my many years with Classcraft I have allowed "Power Reset" but I would charge them 100 GP.

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