Falling into Battle and Leveling Up

This is my first year implementing Classcraft and we are all loving it!  I'm still learning a lot and appreciate the feedback on this forum.  Does anyone know if a student who falls in battle can be saved by another team member?  Also, I was assigning a small amount of points for certain XP and HP and just noticed that you need 5200 points to level up (or so I think).  Is there a feature out there that allows you to change the total points before you level up?  I made a mistake and adjusted my points by increasing them and a student fell in battle because of the abruptness of this change!  

7th Grade Math Teacher

In setting you can set all of the features: level up, HP, AP, XP values, regeneration...everything.

In the 'Powers' settings you can create or edit a power to allow a student to save another student who has fallen in battle.

You can also adjust the amount of XP that is needed to level up in the Game Rules section.

I can't find that in the powers section.

Hi Ryan, 

That can be done using any of the protect powers from the warrior. You could lower the AP cost to have it so that the warriors on the team can use that power more often.

Hope that helps!

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