[Solved] Change a students role

One of my students moved away, leaving their team without a mage. Is there a way to change another student to that role?

Hi Paige,

My colleague Mélysa followed up with you in the tickets. For anyone else who’s wondering, yes, you can change a student to a different character (such as a Mage). Just click the pencil across from the student’s name in your “Students” list in the class settings.

Be aware that changing a student’s character class will reset their progress (level, gear, pets, etc.).

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   Thank you, this helped.  I have a student that wants to change what he is.  I just gave him the option and await his decision.




Where do I find the students list in the class settings?

Never mind. I am still learning to navigate your website.  I will get it eventually. LOL

No worries there, Heather! :-)

Are the students able to change themselves?

I have just started and one group is all Warriors.

Hi Brandon,

Students can't change roles once they've set up their characters (changing roles completely resets their progress, so we don't want them to do it accidentally). However, you can do it for them in your class settings, as explained above.

Let me know if you have further questions!


Is there by any chance a way to reset all stats and levels of a student's character? For example, a student, who is a healer, wants to start over completely as a refreshed healer. Is that possible at all?

Hi L David,

You'd have to remove the student before re-adding them to your class. This would generate a new student code for them, which they could use to archive their current character and create a new one. However, they would lose everything they've accumulated: XP, GP, gear sets, etc. They would only have access to the pets they had fully trained.

Why does your student want to start over?

When I have students who want to change class/powers/teams/etc, I usually deduct Gold as a cost for the switch. Before I made that a rule, I would have students see another make a change and before I know it it would be 10 students at a time making a change.

I'm not seeing a pencil next to students in one of my classes. I was able to change a couple in a different class. Is there a setting that I need to change or something.

Hi Shawn,

The pencil button should be in the far right (after the Multi-Class column). If your screen is small, you might have to scroll horizontally to see it.

Which browser are you using? Classcraft only supports Chrome and Safari, so you might run into some display issues if you're using another browser.


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