[Solved] Trouble with Communication with Parents



I'm having an issue with sending messages to parents. When I type a message and send to all parents, everyone can see it. When I share a Google Doc (via the Google drive button), some parents can see it, others cannot. The document share settings are set so whoever has the link can read the document.

Why can some parents not see the document? How can I instruct the parents in question to fix it?




M. Stefane

Hey Stefane,

Parent Announcements do go out to all parents. If you want to send a message or file to a parent individually, you'll want to click on their name in your messaging list.

Are the parents able to click on the file icon at all, or are some parents not seeing the file icon?

I would check that they're using Chrome or Safari on desktop.

Hope that helps!

I am trying to send the file to all parents, some can see it, others cannot. 


The issue they are having is that the cannot see the file icon in the messages. Here is what I send them: 


The file icon doesn't even appear in their messages.


They use the App on their phones. 

Got it, thanks! Which app are they using (iOS or Android)? I'll have the dev team take a look.

The 2 parents that have this issue are using the iOS app.  Thank you for looking into it.

Here is a screen capture from the parent who can't see it:

You can see there's at least 3 Google Docs that she cannot see there.

Hi Stefane,

Thanks for these!

Our team is investigating. Until the issue is fixed, we'd recommend advising the parents to use the desktop app.

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