LaTeX in Class Craft

As a math teacher I was hoping that you would be able to implement LaTeX functionality for typing up math problems.

That would be excellent. For now I'm using Edmodo for assignements and LaTeX works fine with Edmodo.

I agree. I was very excited to use this website, and I paid for one month, but creating assignments takes me a long time because I have to first create them in Word and then save any math symbol as an image to attach it to the questions. It is very tiring.  

Hello, all!

Implementing LaTeX functionality is on our roadmap. :-)

LaTeX would be amazing.  If not, at least having a superscript option for text would help a lot.

Oh, hurray! I was going to ask (again) for math type of some kind, but LaTeX would be AMAZING!

I (sometimes) use Plickers, which is a web-based real-time-update QRC thingy for formative assessment. I also use it to take attendance, by the way, and it's better than anything for that!

They don't support LaTeX, but somebody wrote a FF plugin called "TeXify Plickers". It only works in FF, but at least I can display real math that way. I know CC doesn't support FF, but since they support Chrome, perhaps someone could write a Chrome add-on...

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