[Solved] Game Rule Discrepancies Between Classes Regarding XP Milestones


I picked up a trailer class last year during the Spring. This fall, I'm continuing the same class with many of the same students, but with a handful of other students. In the class before, I had the level up value set at 1400 xp. This year, I have it set up at 1000 xp to level up. I imported all of my students from last year and created new avatars for the new students. 

This is where things get weird. A new student will have ~6,000 experience points and be level 7. A student from last year will have ~7,000 experience points and be stuck at level 4. I figured that it might be that they were tied to the former class, but changing those values to 1000 didn't have any effect on those students.

Is there a way to adjust this appropriately without scrapping their characters and starting over?

I did find the article regarding multi-class level caps. However, it would seem that if I adjust the level cap to something incredibly small, like 1 or 5, I would be able to move forward with minimal impact on my students success in the class. However, the older class doesn't seem affected at all by this change in XP caps.

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