Ability to Copy a Behavior, Power, Sentence, etc. to Multiple Classes

It would be useful when creating/editing a behavior, power, sentence, etc. to copy the change to all classes at the time of creation or editing.  I use the same rules/behavior modifications in all of my classes and especially when I edit a behavior, for example, I have to remember to go back through all of my classes to make the same edit. Especially at the beginning of the school year, when I am making a lot of changes, I often forget which classes I made the edit and which I haven't, making the action cumbersome for managing multiple classes with similar rules.I have used the import function to bring in a new rule from another class, but I have to remember to delete the old rule that was modified to create the new one, so again it makes for a clumsy interface that takes a lot of extra clicking and time to manage.


Thanks for the consideration!

Agreed. I would also find that very helpful.

Same here.  I am also editing the random events and would like to not have to do that separately for each class.

Yes absolutely agree!  Please add this!

What I did to help with this is to create a class called Settings Storage.  Any changes I want to make I put into that class, and when I am ready to apply the changes I just do the import settings function on each of my active classes.  This gives me a way to make sure that all the classes are the same.  The import settings function overwrites everything, so there is no need to delete old rules or whatever.  It takes a matter of minutes to import all the settings to my active classes.

Everyone who commented that they would like this feature should up-vote it!  It's a great feature request!


Douglas, I like your idea called Settings Storage.  I do something like it by just adding the setting to one class and then importing that class's settings to the others.  But it doesn't solve the whole problem, and I think this is why people want a copy button.   I have slightly different rules in each class because each class has different behaviors I want to change or reward.  If I were to use Settings Storage, it would overwrite the specific settings I have for that class.  Then I need to go back and add the ones I had special for that class.  


A copy button would be useful because I could add a behavior to every class without changing the ones I already have for that class.  I would just add the behavior, click copy to... and select the classes I want (ticky boxes). It would be nice to also have the option to change the point values for that behavior.  It could just be a blank next to the ticky box.  I would use that feature for classes that have more challenging behavior.  For example, I have a class full of ADHD students, and they are constantly jazzed and off topic.  I up the point values in there so they up levels more often, which is a more instant gratification.


So, in summary, it would be nice to add a behavior, click copy to...change the point value for that behavior for a given hour, and then submit.

Hello, all!

Your request was passed along to the dev team.


Came here to ask this question about settings copy ability. Just came back from using my demo class for a repository of settings, still a chore. It would be nice to just tell it "hey, copy this to all classes".

Was this feature added?

Hi, everyone! 

We have been working on all kinds of different features to make the game more enjoyable for you, teachers! As always we appreciate your feedback immensely, and I am sure you understand that we cannot offer any guarantees, as we already have a product roadmap in place and thus I, unfortunately, cannot confirm if or when these items will be put into place. We always review all submitted suggestions and continue to work on making Classcraft a better platform! :)

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