Students using AP

How do I know students are using AP to do something? Today was our first day and kids were spending AP haphazardly and I couldn't figure out how to see it on my end. Thanks!

Hi Jennifer, 

You can see when a student has used a power in the Game feed (the newspaper icon on the top right corner).


I am also trying to understand how do the students get AP (I guess when their AP is in the MAX they don't get more... right?)

Hi Or-Tal,

A small amount of AP regenerates every day at midnight (the amount is set at 4 AP by default, but this can be customized in the class settings). Otherwise, Mages are the ones who can replenish AP for their teammates by using their powers (for example, "Mana Transfer" or "Fountain of Mana"). Some random events also affect the students' AP.

Students cannot get more than their maximum AP.

I hope this answers your questions! :)

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