Building behaviors needed for success general education classrooms

I am using ClassCraft in my Mild/Mod pull-out high school science classroom. While the behaviors in my class are not overwhelming, I have started using ClassCraft to start improving classroom behaviors that high school teachers expect their general education students exhibit.

For example:

The goal is that these students might move into a co-taught gen ed science class before they graduate. While the content in a gen ed class may need to be modified, their behaviors will not impede their ability to be fully included.


Have you talked with the other teachers (that they pull out from) about using Classcraft for the whole class? I know classes/students can be shared and when I got other teachers in my school on board it became a more effective management tool.

I have shared it with many. I, the geeky gameboard and tech guy, often make things sound easier than other teachers find it to be. No one else has jumped on board... yet.

I found it helpful to steer other staff towards the tutorials and webinars as well as offering to model it for them. That might help.

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