Timing Question

OK so I got all my student names in, codes handed out, characters set up, and parents invited. I'm using Classcraft with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. When I'm working with kids should I have them use powers at the start of the period, to avoid disruptions? So they would tell me they were using hunting that day and I would click the button and then they could eat in class. Right? Is there a better/easer way to do it?

Hey Maya,

You can certainly do it that way if you'd like! Many teachers do.

Hi Maya,

I use the first 4-5 minutes of class for the random event and if they want to use a power before class, they'll tell me. Only some of my powers are triggered during class (Invisibility for the Bathroom) and those instances, I'll use it myself. 

However, I tell my middle schoolers that their team housekeeping (Healing, Manatransfer) is more up to them before class starts. 

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