Classcraft and Physical Education (PE)

What are some ways you use Classcraft in your gym? 

So far I have it set up as a motivational tool, but obviously, it can be much more. I'm thinking of how I can use it to incorporate assessment as well.


I think this tool can be used to enhance cooperation between pupils. But I am going to start the experiment on Monday so I can't tell you if this work...

My objective is to give them XP when they accept to work with a classmate who is not his friend... And then the number of XP increase if he give him simple advice to improve his skills. I try to build a scale about that... I will try to share it when it will be finished.

I like that idea. I have been giving XP for being a good sport and deducting for showing poor sportsmanship. I also used Boss Battles as a means for general assessment.

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