How to Select Student Roles (Mage/Warrior/Healer)

What dynamics do teachers out there consider when determining which students should be assigned which roles? Another teacher mentioned that it is good to have a strong leader-type as the mage and more "rambunctious" students as healers. I'm not really sure I understand well enough how these roles work together to know what considerations I would use when assigning them.

I know students can choose their own roles within their group as long as there is at least one of each (Mage/Warrior/Healer) on a team. Does this ever backfire? 

Hi Mary Lou,

The new "Introduce" tutorial explains how the three character classes differ and how they complement one another. That should help! Here's a little video of how to get there:

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I've always encouraged my more rambunctious students to be warriors because of the high health. Warriors are also in a high demand to alleviate damage from the mages and healers. This means that the attention that kind of student was getting from their negative behaviours can be channeled into positive attention from their classmates in the form of help. Mages have the least help, so I encourage students who feel comfortable 'doing' school to be mages or healers. I made this a few years back: but it needs updated.

I agree with Luke that often times I push those likely to take damage into being the warriors. Often times it just happens that they choose to be warriors anyway.

Also I think I was inspired by Luke a few years back to make a "just-for-fun" personality quiz to help them decide. I did mine through uquiz ( and I mixed serious personality questions with more novelty ones. Don't just use my quiz though because a few questions are specific to my school building!

Luke - that quiz is great!  Thanks for sharing! 

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