New Backgrounds, Crests, and Bosses?

I know your artists and coders are swamped with current projects but I hope that new backgrounds will also be added. It would be awesome if newer backgrounds, and bosses were offered once all team members have all leveled up. That would help give the illusion of traveling and making it more adventurous.

Thanks for all you guys are doing. I am impatiently waiting for the next Quest release. Currently, I am offering my own quests and the promise of virtual and physical rewards gets them motivated to complete their assignments. I can now offer optional weekend quests and many of my students are now actually doing them!

Amazing! :)

Our production schedule is full at the moment, but rest assured, we always plan to keep creating more of these types of things!

Official comment

The CC team is doing an amazing job! My students love the bosses. Here are 2 suggestions my students and myself came up with:

1) The capability to adjust the colour on the artwork of the bosses. That way when my students fight the Purple Grumbler for addition of "1,2, & 3" I can use the same Grumbler but change it to a Yellow Grumbler for addition of "4, 5, & 6".

2) The capability to add student artwork as a boss. I have many talented artists in my class and I know they would shine with pride to fight their own creation and show their parents. Granted doing the same with the crests and backgrounds would be great but I know my students would be more interested in creating their own bosses than the crests or backgrounds.

Hi Robert,

Those are good suggestions. We passed them along to the dev team. :-)

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