Classcraft and game design

Share your ideas here!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

I have a gamification blog that anyone is free to check out. It's at if you are at all interested in how I integrate Classcraft and my comments on specific game design features. :)

Hey Danielle!

Thanks for sharing your blog and ideas with us! :)

I am planning to use Classcraft for a Video Game Design class, starting in the fall! I'm hoping to use the site itself as a case study, and use it to start class discussions about gamification and what makes something fun.

I'm hoping to organize the assignments to turn in so that the XP lines up with course grades, but I'm still working on that part.


Also definitely planning to take the PD offered online here. Can't wait to read your blog, Danielle! Thanks for sharing!

Had an 8th grade student ask if the AP could be increased when they reach a new level.  They suggested that at every 6th level their AP could increase by 5.  I thought it was a good observation and idea.  Thanks for creating this awesome tool.  This is my first year using it with 8th grade and they are loving it!!! Keep up the creative work.

Hi Tanaya,

That sounds like a great idea! I'll add it to our suggestions list, but please know that as Classcraft grows, we want to be mindful of teachers that maybe do not have as much knowledge about the way certain video games behave in regards to specific mechanics such as these. 

What I'm saying is that we're trying to "keep it simple" as much as we're trying to make it awesome!  Again, thanks for sharing! We really do love all your feedback. :)



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