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- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

Is there a way for teachers to share questions with another? Is there a question bank?


Anthony Figueroa

Hi Anthony, 

For the moment, it's not possible to share questions with another teacher.

I baffled; where can I find the purpose?

Hi Donna,

How can I help? What kind of information are you looking for?

Classcraft is a classroom management tool made to improve student motivation and collaboration in class.

Is there any chance teacher can/will be able to assign boss battles to individual students?

I tried adding videos in the classroom content, but my student can just click on the reward without watching the video. I could have them post a message about what they learned, but they could possibly copy another student' answer.

I'm still fairly new to this, but I think it would be beneficial to be able to assign a boss battle as an individual challenge to gain points, rather than as something done in a whole class setting. Plus, teachers would be able to differentiate battles for 504 and IEP students without making it known to others, thus ensuring privacy.

If this already exists, I would love a link to a training video in order to get started. Thanks!

Hi Elizabeth,

We are working on individual quizzes, but those aren't live yet.

As for students commenting on a video in the Interactive Classroom Content, you could subtract HP if they copied another student's message. If you'd rather their comments stay private, you could instead do an assignment.



If you link to another teacher  you could share class content. Otherwise we could make a group and share through the forum


How can I insert mathematical expressions in the questions of a quest ?


It depends on what type of expressions, exactly, you want to present. If they're numerical, without special symbols (radicals for example) you can type in with no issues except for division (Classcraft needs to add a "special characters" section for math!). One way I have been able to insert division and exponents is typing the expression first in Word and then copying and pasting into the question and answers when creating the boss battle. However, in my experience, that doesn't work for radicals and many formulas. The formatting gets lost. Another solution would be to type your expressions on a PPT slide and convert it to a JPEG picture and upload the picture of the expression. What you need to keep in mind is the SIZE of your picture. You may have to downsize it. If it's too big, the entire expression may not show up and you'll have to scroll up and down or back and forth which can be somewhat annoying.  It's some work, so you have to decide  if it's worth your effort. Also, your correct answer may not format properly. 

If there are ways I don't know about, hopefully someone will share them! 

Thank you. It seems a lot of work but I suppose when you are used to it, that's ok.

But I definetly agree with you about the special characters section ;)

What I do to show mathematical characters is use the snipping tool on my computer to snip a picture, then I save the picture in a folder, and then upload the picture into the classcraft boss battle. It's not as much work and it will look exactly like you want it to.

I would worry about accessibility with many of these approaches; screen readers (for example) can't read images...

I'd definitely "up vote" a math type option! I know there are lots out there!

Do you think that there will be an ability to write math equations at any point?

At the very least, I would like the ability to go exponents and subtext. 

Hi Christa,

Adding the possibility to write math equations is definitely on our roadmap!

Any idea when the individual quizzes may become available?  This would be VERY beneficial for reviewing--and agree, need special characters for math for the quizzes and boss battles to be fully functional for math class.

Hi Kandance,

Individual quizzes need to be rethought and reexamined to make them fit into Quests, but it'll be our priority after we officially release Quests.

Thanks for your patience!

Is there an update to Anthony's 2016 question about a question bank? I would love to be able to import questions from a question bank for the Boss Battles. Thanks

I'm hoping that, one of these days, Classcraft will add an item bank of questions to choose from for quests. I know that's a huge hassle (Common Core vs other States' standards, etc.), but it'd be awesome to be able to search up a topic and choose from a list of questions. Would make Boss Battles a breeze, and I could incorporate those more frequently in my classroom.

An EquatIO-like interface (like how it is incorporated into Google Forms) would be interesting too.

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