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We’ve collected ideas from various teachers for behavior presets for XP, HP, and GP. Share your ideas here!

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- The Classcraft Team

I have a "300 XP Bonus" to be awarded to students who make progress towards a goal they set for themselves.  While they can suggest it, we have to agree on it.  300 XP is awarded EVERY time they are making Progress towards that goal.  However, each time they are awarded, I check in with them to see how to step-up the challenge.  Once they have completed that goal, they create a new one.  It's a way to try and promote goal setting and a sort of self-improvement mindset (which encourages self-analysis).  

Goals can be very simple, short, or small, especially at the start.  For example, all the kids (5th and 6th grade) got into "bottle flipping" this school year.  (It annoyed many teachers).  One student made it his goal to not bottle-flip in my class.  After a week of success, I gave him the 300 XP and he commented on the urge to flip. (He did a victory flip at the end of it). Then his new goal was that he wouldn't do it in other classes either, and offered other students as monitors.  Finally, his new goal (which I assigned) was no flipping outside on the playground, and eventually extended it to "at home" as well.  Once that was done, he needed a new goal.

Sample suggestions of personal goals:
- Improve penmanship
- Don't rush / work carefully
- Show respect to adults /peers
- Practice/Improve math facts
- Be positive / (Attitude)
- Staying in seat

and so on

We have gone 1 to 1 with the iPads in my district and we have had some issues with kids not charging their iPads for school.  They have started to rely heavily on teacher provided charging stations which I have found allows students to not work on their iPads and chat while the iPad is 'charging'.  Therefore I charge 150GP in class to charge their iPads and the result is that I am only of the only teachers in the building that still has all of my charging cords in working condition.  

Bonjour Mélissa, 

Est-ce qu'il serait possible d'avoir la traduction française de toutes ces suggestions dans le forum de la communauté francophone également, s'il-te-plaît?

Merci beaucoup, Marie-Anne

I am thinking about 100% attendance of the class for the day/week.

Also participating in the spirit week activities.

Scoring above the class average on a quiz test 

Ms. Marie-Anne Tanné, 

Je ne sais pas si votre question a été traitée. Juste au cas où il n'a pas été abordé, je recommande d'utiliser google translate comme un outil pour traduire le contenu en anglais du forum.

Passez une bonne journée!

Bonjour, Eieri!
Bonjour, Marie-Anne!

Ces suggestions ont effectivement été reproduites en français ici.

S'il y a d'autres contenus que vous désirez voir dans les forums, n'hésitez pas à nous en faire part!

Is there a way to create positive HP presets? I want to add some form of healing power for each character type as a preset rather than a manual entry each time. Thanks!

Hi Jestin,

Interesting idea! Unfortunately that's not possible, but I can share your suggestion with the team.

As a school, teachers hand out "Paws Passes" since our mascot is "bulldogs".  It is for our PBSIS.  When a student receives a PAWS pass from myself, or any other teacher/adult in the building, they turn it into me and they will gain GP or XP for it.  Sometimes I give them the choice of which one they would like.  

Kevin, I do something similar with our Cougar Compliment Cards.  I never personally give them out, but when students receive them from other teachers, they can turn them in for their choice of XP or GP.

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