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We’ve collected ideas from various teachers for behavior presets for XP, HP, and GP. Share your ideas here!

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- The Classcraft Team

Here are some of the ones that I've modified for my class:

There are some that are modifiable but others that are not. I would like all powers to be modifiable. I would also like to have to ability to add additional powers.

What is the cursed die?

Hi, Julia!

The cursed die refers to the automatic mechanic that chooses a student's fate, or sentence, when they fall in battle. Like a die, its results are random.

So it's nothing you need to interact with in the game. :)

Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing.

I do also agree that all powers should be fully customizable. This would give us more opportunity to be creative - where's the harm in that?

Would also love to be able to modify abilities so they can be used in battle.

Some ideas for powers from my Grade 4 ESL class:




The mage can switch seats with a classmate for a day.

Invisibility: 2 different uses

1. Can be used when work is complete to have 10 minutes of free time

2. Can be used BEFORE a boss battle to prevent damage taken (on their first wrong question only).

Time Warp:

Can be used to re-roll the daily event (once a week).


All team members get a group hint on a vocabulary test question of their choice.


The mage can use any warrior or healer ability (at double cost).




The warrior gets a hint on a test or boss battle question (can be used collaboratively for others).

War Drums:

The warrior can choose a song to play for the class.

Battle Cry:

All team members gain 5 HP and 5 AP.


The warrior is always first to line up, do events, play games or anything else for a day.

Secret Weapon:

During a boss battle, the warrior changes a Wrong Answer to a Correct Answer with a special attack.



Holy Power:

The healer can switch the seats of two other classmates for a day.


During a test or a boss battle, the healer can ask the game master if his/her answer is correct, before giving their final answer.

Favor of the Gods:

A teammate can help you answer a question during a boss battle.


All of the healer's team members get a treat!


Hi everyone,

thanks a lot for all the posted powers. They have been a pool of inspiration for me. At first I struggled, because many powers from classcraft or forum posts have not been useful for german schools as it seems, because some things are handled way more liberally and some things more strictly than in other countries. For example: Leaving the classroom to go to the restroom or opening the window - usually we want our students to do that by themselves. So its always free. On the other hand it is strictly forbidden to give a student an advantage during an official test over others. Its simply illegal.

After many rounds of debate, my students and me came up with these powers (sry if I repeat one you already know):

  1. Demonic oracle: Mage, tier 3, non collaborative, 40 AP. The mage asks the teacher an academic question which is derived from the schoolbook. If the teacher answers wrong mage gets 300XP and 100GP. If not, the mage is struck and loses 20 HP.
  2. Mage-Circle: Mage, tier 3, collaborative, 40 AP. Only playable when at least another mage from another team plays it as well: 1 day before the next official test, the class may pass an artifact (made from lesson-notes, 10x 10 cm, digital and editable) to the teacher. After ensuring everything is correct, he adds it to the next test as official appendix.
  3. Hunt: Warrior, tier 1, non collaborative, 5 AP. The warrior and a partner may take a ration from the supplies and may eat those and/or own food (impossible in science- and computer-rooms).
  4. Duel: Warrior, tier 2, non collaborative, 20 AP. The warrior names target player from another team and asks him a academic question concerning the passed lessons. If the target can't answer correctly, it loses 5 HP and the warrior earns 50 GP. Otherwise the target earns 100XP and the warrior loses 10 HP.
  5. Raid: Warrior, tier 3, collaborative, 30 AP. The warrior choses a boss for his team which they battle immediately.
  6. Subjugation: warrior, tier 3, collaborative, 25 AP. The team of the warrior designates another team. The warrior's team is freed from homework of this teacher for today. Instead, at the Beginning of the next lesson, the designated team has to explain the homework 1 on 1, while independant teams are neutral observers (takes 10 min. max).
  7. Sainthood: Cleric, tier 1, non-collaborative, 5 AP. The cleric may use the cellphone/smartphone for non-lesson-purposes (5 min). Usable once per lesson.
  8. Banishment: Cleric, tier 3, collaborative, 30 AP. Only playable when at least another cleric from another team plays it as well: At the beginning of an official test every student may remove 1 task of his choice. (Note: As soon as you have 2 clerics capable of that, you have to make sure your tests are constructed in a way you can do that. Might not be possible for many teachers due to restrictions).

Note: My students play almost only to reach powers 2 and 8! Both are completely legal and since most of the tasks of a test are about combining and transfering knowledge, its helpful only to those who have learned.

Note: Hunt (#3) is expensive sometimes. You have to feel good about spending money on other people...

Have fun all!


I agree with Cara Rowe. I would like to modify the powers customizing the costs in HP and AP and the rewards in XP. Also it would be good to add new powers to the list and the points necessary to learn them.

Hi all,


My group of Year 9 students got REALLY into and we developed these custom powers. The only gripe I have is that without full customisation I have to make them PM me their targets etc after they use the powers, which they often forget to do. But in general, they really love the competitive and player-vs-player side of it.

Great list Brendon.  Going to steal some of those!

Guys these are great! I stole a bunch of them... and I accidentally started another thread asking the same question... 

Here are two of mine:

"Expertise - teach the class about your passion (10 min)." cost 30 AP (3rd Tier warrior)

"Invisibility - 50% chance to not take damage (beat the teacher at Rock-Paper-Scissors)" cost 10 AP (Tier 1 mage)

I have modified mine for next year.  Here are some of the changes:


     Trigger - trigger an extra random event.

     Teleport - can trade places with someone of your choosing for one class period

     Time Warp - turn back time to help yourself or a teammate forget a power and learn a new one

     Mimic - use a warrior or healer power at their cost plus 10 AP

     Perform a Miracle - draw from a pile of miracles to give a little something special to you and your team (I have a pile of "miracles" that I will use - teacher brings team a treat, everyone on

     team levels up, etc.)


     Sainthood - next time healer or a teammate loses health points, the healer can use the immunity token to save them (I have physical immunity tokens that students can use for this)

     Homework Patch - skip 2 questions on a short math assignment (assignment is 15 questions or fewer) or 3 questions on a long math assignment (16 - 25 question assignment).  May only skip one word problem.

     Blind Faith - Use this power BEFORE a test/quiz.  If you earn an A on the test/quiz, you earn 500 XP for a math test, 350 XP for a Grammar test, 250 XP for a Vocab test, or 100 XP for a spelling test.

     Holy Power - can switch the seats of any two other players for the week - this is a pricey power!  30AP


     Hunting - snack in class

     Ambush - select a warrior from another team to compete in a 5 question random-topic boss battle.  If the chosen player loses, then this warrior receives the hidden treasure that could

     have been won in the boss battle.  If the chosen player wins, then they win whatever treasure is found and the attacking warrior loses 10 HP.

     Duel - select a target from another team to engage in a duel based on last night's homework.  Game Master chooses 5 questions from last night's homework to compare from one play to

     the other.  The player with the most questions correct wins 250 XP.  If there is a tie, each player rolls a die and whoever rolls the highest number wins 125 XP.


Unfortunately, last year my healers felt short changed.  The mages always used their power to teleport and the warriors always used their power to hunt.  The healers rarely used any of the powers that would help themselves.  Therefore, no one wanted to be a healer.  I am trying to get more students to use their powers and more students to want to strive to level up in order to purchase more powers.


Hope these powers are helpful to someone else out their, too.


Melissa, I don't know if you'll see my response, but I'm wondering how these are working out for you, and how much each cost in AP?

I'm so frustrated, I could scream.  Why can't I do two things?  

1-  Why can't I delete all the powers I don't want my students to use that have already been programmed in to Classcraft?  And why can't I do it for ALL my classes at one time rather than going in individually to each one?  

2-  Why can't I just simply create a list of all the powers that are appropriate for my courses and then just import that list on to all of my classes?  I've tried 6000 different ways of doing it and I just can't.

This is my first time using Classcraft for middle school and it's extremely "clunky" and not very streamlined for the user.  


My solution was to create one class I call "Setting Storage".  In that class I set up all my powers, events and behaviors.  Then I used the Import Settings Option to import that class's settings into all my other classes.  Another option would be just to take one of your classes and import from that one.  Import Settings is found below where you enter students, in the Configure Class screen (Gear symbol), in the advanced section. 

Hi Jen,

I second what Douglas said. I create a "Master Template" course that I use for creating power, adding daily events, and other customizations. Then I import those settings into each of my actual classes.
In regards to deleting powers, are you referring to the class dependent powers like Protect, Heal, and Mana Transfer? Or the customizable powers?


Yes, the class dependent powers like Heal, Protect, and Mana Transfer.  



Don't use the import powers button.  In the "Settings Storage class", edit the powers to how you want.  Then in your actual classes, use the import settings option

That way, every class will be the same except for the students and teams.  For the class dependent powers (protect, mana transfer, heal), you cannot change those because that would fundamentally change the nature of the game.  However, all the other powers can be changed however you like.  I personally have changed almost all the powers.


Hi Jen,

My guess is that it's because those powers relate to the core mechanic of the "game."  And that those powers help foster a community environment (Warriors defend weaker teammates, healers heal injured teammates, mages restore AP to teammates). Part of Classcraft's ideology seems to be that community fosters learning and if those cooperative powers weren't available, it would only be the "self-serving" powers that students would be using and thus not encourage team-building.

Out of curiosity, why don't you want your students to be able to use the powers that help their teammates?

Also, when you want to import your settings from another class, you go to the Settings tab. At the bottom is the "Import Settings" option. You select the class you want to import and all the settings (powers, sentences, random events, and game settings) will be overwritten to match the imported class's settings.


Hope this helps!

@Douglas - Looks like great minds think alike! Similar responses with a screenshot within minutes of each other! I was working on my post and didn't realize you had responded. 

Added one more to make my healers feel better about their class!

Is there or will there be a way to customize/edit the AP costs of the power "Manatransfer"?

(Background: We are working in groups of 3, so this power is simply to expensive to be effective and therefor isn't used. We made a manual workaround and wrote in the title, that we give 12 APs back to the Mage after he used this power. But this is cumbersome...)

I'm sure this is just an oversight, but I noticed that after healers gained Heal 3, there was no incentive to use Heal 2 anymore because they cost the same amount of AP. Is there a reason for this decision to make both the same amount of AP?

I ask because usually in these "does less" cases it's because the old thing costs less, like how Heal 1 heals less HP than Heal 2 does, but costs less, so it is able to be used more frequently. It forces students to decide which of their powers to use, thereby giving each power relevance, instead of "well I have Heal 2 now and it's just taking up a slot in my skill tree because Heal 3 is better." Is there ANY incentive to use Heal 2 instead of Heal 3?

This is an interesting question, Robert.

I've transferred this to our developers and we will look into Powers costs, it might be an oversight that has been there for a while :P

Thanks for helping us improve Classcraft, one item at a time!


I notice that this Heal 2 vs Heal 3 AP cost has not been resolved yet. Is it in the works?


Hi, sorry about not coming back with an answer faster. 

I really thought I had posted the answer here but it would appear that it got lost in the confines of the internet!

Heal 2 and Heal 3 have the same cost because of the math behind the progression.

Heal 1 does 10 HP for 15 AP, so 0.66HP / AP.
Heal 2 is 20 HP for 20 AP, so 1 HP/AP.
Heal 3 is 30HP for 20AP, so 1.5 HP/AP.
If Heal 3 were to cost something like 25AP, it would be 1.2HP/AP, which just isn’t that great for the full 3 PP it costs.

So while it might seem like Heal 3 should cost more than heal 2, the way our power tree is created requires a heavy investment in the healing powers and that investment is rewarded in a power that costs less to use for a greater effect.

I hope this makes sense. It might not be ideal from every point of view; but in order for the game to work well, we decided to structure our powers this way.


I would appreciate if we generally could customize more things (especially the powers: like "Mana Transfer" for another example, where the costs aren't meant for small teams of 3.)

This would easily solve such demands.

Its already great (and necessary) that a lot of powers can be customized, more possibilities would be even better. I understand, that their special-programming does not allow full modification. But at least the AP-costs would be great to balance things out.

Thanks and regards

I’m wondering if there is a way to create our own powers, not just simply editing. Being able to make more than what is listed.

Hi Alec!

It's not currently possible to add powers to the Power Tree at this time but thanks for your input!

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