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We’ve collected ideas from various teachers for behavior presets for XP, HP, and GP. Share your ideas here!

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- The Classcraft Team

Thank you everyone so much for the ideas, these are my finished powers for my students.

I've been using Hunting, this year's Eagle Eye, to have Guardians decide which Boss to scout for in the day's Boss Battle. For every AP spent by a Guardian, he/she gets 10 XP. Each boss also has its own question damage, starting at 4 HP and going up to 15 HP at the Drakan. To get to the tough, high-rewards bosses, multiple Guardians have to contribute. This is the poster I made for class (obviously before weapons were removed):

Jacob Coffee thanks for sharing! Here's what I went with in Fall 2021.





I decided to rename some of the set game-based powers this year to be less confusing.


Protect 1, Protect 2 and Protect 3 are now called Guard 1, Guard 2 and Guard 3

(I did this because it matches, Healers heal and Guardians guard. Also because new learners would always ask why can't I protect myself. Where as sentence wise, it makes sense you can't guard yourself.)


First Aid is now called Recover

(Makes more sense to me as First Aid sounds like a healer thing and students always ask if they can first aid a friend. Where as recover implies they recover their own HP, thus they can't recover for a friend...)


Magic Shield/Psionic Shield is now called Forcefield

(I think it just sounds good and it works with the whole magic/psychic idea)


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