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Messaging enables you to communicate with students and parents, either by sending announcements or private messages.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Messaging!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

Hi, I teach 6th grade in an elementary school, and because of the messaging limitations in the past, I’ve ended up using both Dojo and my premium Classcraft account. I’ve been able to get parent buy in with Classcraft this year, and was really hoping to use it as my main method of communication and not have to juggle Dojo too... Unfortunately, Classcraft messaging is still not feeling as user friendly for me or parents — super clunky compared to Dojo with regards to sending messages, pictures, not able to send videos, seeing which parents have seen my messages... Is this being worked on?

Hi Julie!

Thanks for sharing this constructive feedback, as well as for your question.

We are always working on making various improvements and optimizations to make our back-end for messages, as well as for other parts of the platform smoother, more functional, as well as adding extra features. This is true for our web browser experience, as well as our iOS and Android mobile companion apps. 

Rest assured, your feedback has been heard and shared with the team.

Right now, while I look forward to seeing Classcraft be the only all-in-one classroom Engagement Management System (EMS) you need, I fully understand using other platforms and tools that to fill in those possible gaps. 

I can't seem to write in paragraphs... Is it possible to change lines without sending the message? In other programs it's "shift + return" to change lines, but here...I just send unfinished messages... Help!

Hi Suzanne,

You are absolutely right. It is not currently possible to change line in our messaging section. 

I will send this feature request to our engineers to see if that is something we could include easily in a future update. Thank you for helping us improve Classcraft!

I have just started using Classcraft this semester.  And having read through this thread it seems like students should get an email message in addition to the in game notification.  I have been trying this with a student account and I sent them a message but they have not received a email version of this.  What did I do wrong in setting up the accounts? Here is the setting on the student side.

Also, with students playing in multiple classes I would suggest that the message waiting icon span all classes. 

Hi Peter,

If this option is checked on the student account and you send them a direct message, they should indeed receive an email notification.

If that is not the case, it is possibly caused by your school's firewall blocking emails from our platform to your student email addresses.

If the address linked to the student account is indeed a dedicated school address, could you verify with your IT department to ensure that emails are not blocked from

Also, please do not hesitate to write directly at for more help concerning this situation.

Could you possibly enable student to student messaging at least during school closures due to COVID 19? My students are asking me to relay messages to their classmates. They miss each other and are feeling isolated. 

Hi Yvonne,

Allowing students to message each other would require a refactor of our messaging platform and our engineers are already working on many new features to improve the platform.

However, what you can do to allow your students to communicate within Classcraft during this Covid-19 situation would be to create a special Quest objective with Class discussions enabled in one of your Quests

You can enable discussions in any of your Quest objective by going in the settings options of your objective:

This article will also give some information to your students on how to use class discussions:

Have a wonderful week!

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