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Hi, everyone:

The Grade Converter enables you to reward students for their performance on assessments and is a Premium feature. You can use it with or without Google Classroom.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the Grade Converter!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

Is there a way to see past grades we manually enter in?

Hi Mary,

Not at this time, sorry. Once grades are entered, they're automated converted to game points.

It would be great to see the grades from past entries and the ability to display them as a graph.  This sort of visual is great in the classroom to enable students to see if they are improving from week to week

Hey Ian,

That's a great idea — I've passed it along to our dev team!

I generally only give rewards for quizzes and test. They are frequent enough that it works out really well that way. Is there a way to delete or hide some of the google assignments from the gradebook section that I don't want to give or take away points for?

Never mind. I figured out how to make them dark. However, My next question is even though one of my students turned in an assignment several days late, though it wasn't, it still had it in as on time. Is there a way to correct that or do I just need to do it manually do it if it is needed?

Hi Corwin,

Hmm, can you tell us a little more about the problem? 

Did the student turn in his assignment more than once in Google? Any other details about the student would help (eg., a screenshot of the Google Assignment with details about hand-in date).

You can email this to me at if that's easier, and I'll send it along to the dev team to investigate.


Is there a way to take an assignment back, or adjust the points given once it's setup? 

Hey Aaron,

You should be able to adjust the points for the assignment rewards by editing the post (clicking the pencil button) — as long as you haven't attributed rewards yet, it should work.

For taking "an assignment back," can you say more about what you mean?

I'm having a problem with gradebook where the class does not match up with the assignments that it pulls from google classroom. I have a different class set up in google classroom for every block I have. When I am looking at my students that I imported from my first block class in google classroom and click on the gradebook, the assignments it pulls up are from a completely different class in google classroom.

Basically, what I've found is that I have to leave the gradebook and go back again and again until the right class shows up. Is there a way to fix this?

Here are some screen shots:

Notice that by by the Classcraft logo it says 4th block and by the assignments it says 2nd.

After I go back to the roster and then back to the gradebook:

4th and 1st

and again:

finally the classes match up; 4th and 4th.

Hi Warren,

This sounds like a bug. I created a ticket for the dev team to look into it.

Would like to have Brainpop integrated with classcraft.

Are there any plans for the gradebook to automatically give GP on a scale like it does with the XP? I reward my students with gold based on their success in an assignment and thought this might be a pretty easy feature to add.

I second Jared's idea - I don't give out XP based on grades, but once I upgrade to Premium, I would consider giving GP out for high marks.

Hi Mark,

When we'll have our API (2017), Brainpop could integrate with Classcraft.

Hi Jared,
Hi Adam,

That's not in the works, but I'll pass your suggestion on to the team.

Having the same problem as Waren Tefft where the Gradebook does not align correctly to my classes.

Update: After scrolling through ALL the assignments, I found the ones that align with the current class I was utilizing. Is there a way to only have assignments of that particular class come up?

Hi J,

For the moment, all assignments from all classes in Google Classroom are pulled and displayed in the Gradebook, no matter the class currently selected. However, assignments are organized by class name in alphabetical order, and then by creation date/time.


I wish we could see the past assignments as mentioned here before. I am trying to minimize my dependance on other platforms. Now I am using a Google Doc to keep record of my student's exam and quiz results. I want to be able to enter everything on the Gradebook. 


Also, it may be a good idea to add 2 or more different (preset and editable by the teacher) assessment types here. For example, we have 3 exams and 12 quizzes per semester. When I choose "exam", it should give more xp points.  When I choose "quiz", it should still give XP but less than the exams. Now, I can still go to the settings>game rules and play with the percentages. It would be more practical to have such options on the Gradebook section. 

Hi. I'm trying to figure out what it is I'm not getting.

Why does Classcraft not know that these assignments are finished? Is it because it was a Google Form? Most of my assignments will be in the form of Google form quizzes, so I very much hope that that can be integrated. Also, is Classcraft not able to read the grade I gave the assignment in Google Classroom?


Is there a way to manually edit the rewards if you give XP or GP for completed Google Classroom assignments? Basically, some of my students submit their assignment on Google Classroom but they haven't actually done the assignment, they just turned it in. Classcraft allocates them a reward for handing it in on time but I don't want to give them a reward for something they haven't done.

Other than going through each student one by one and assigning a reward manually and individually, how can I remove an automatically generated reward?

It would be useful to have a tickbox or something to 'confirm' the award of XP, rather than Classcraft just guessing that a submitted assignment should be rewarded.

My grades in Classroom are not showing up in the grade converter.  I can see the assignments that have been given but the grades I gave in google classroom do not show up in Classcraft and no result shows up either.  

Please assist.

Hi Brian,

As we discussed on the live chat, the Google Classroom integration with the grade converter is currently experiencing a few hiccups. Our engineering team is working on correcting this as the moment and we hope to have it fixed as soon as possible :)

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