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Hi, everyone:

Keep an eye on the "Announcements" section in the future: This is where we’ll be posting any notable updates to the game, including any new or upcoming features and changes. Stay tuned!

Here’s a preview of what’s coming in 2017 (what has been released is in bold):

We’ll have more details on each feature closer to their releases in our production schedule.

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager

UPDATE: As priorities for our product timeline have shifted, other projects took precedence over some of these planned updates. However, future integrations are coming as part of a bigger vision.

We made the following change last night:

  • Changed Warrior XP gain from using Protect 1, 2, and 3. These powers now grant double XP. 
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Hi, everyone!

Automated random events are now live. You can read more on creating random events here!

Edit: For now, random events are automated on the main website only. From the mobile app, you'll be able to see the day's event, but you'll need to handle it manually later on. Automation will be coming to mobile in 2017.

Yay! Edmodo Integration +1!

I use Edmodo to keep in touch with my students after school and on the weekends, so adding Edmodo functionality will really increase the effectiveness of ClassCraft and vice-versa!

You guys are doing great things!

So do we have a schedule or plan on when some of the other changes are going to take effect?

Any idea on the timeline for Schoology integration? Thanks in advance.

Hi, everyone!

Here are the latest updates:


  • Timer and Stopwatch now have sounds (these will work even if you're elsewhere in the desktop app)
  • Overall improvements to the Android app


Andy--Schoology integration will happen in 2017.

Cory--Hidden Treasure quest will come out early 2017 at the latest.

Chris--Automated random events will be in the next update.

Hi! Anything coming up for integration with Canvas? I switched a few classes from Schoology to Google Classroom in order to use Classcraft and now our district has said they will be supporting Canvas (which is great, because I need Turnitin integration) next school year. Even for high school students, one login is a huge benefit. Thanks!

May I ask how Schoology integration is coming? Still planning on rolling out before the end of the year? Thanks.



Bonsoir, serait-il possible d'avoir une version en français du topic "Annonces" ? Merci !


9 new sets: Wolf, Poison Frog, Chameleon, Artist, Astrologer, Bard, Lava Mage, Smoke Mage, Crystal Mage

– Tutorial popping up for no reason is fixed
– Class introducer on Safari was broken, now it’s fixed
– Class customizer is now included in the drop-down menus in the "My Classes" list

Here's what I know so far:

  • Automated random events (coming out in a few weeks)
  • Delayed damage (coming out next month)
  • Hidden Treasure sound quest (coming out next month)

I'll check re: gear/pet levels, Jeffrey.

Lowell — hmm, let's investigate via the tickets. I'll make one with you.

Very excited about Schoology integration. Joined Schoology after seeing the announcement on Classcraft earlier in the year. My class can't wait either. Any rough idea on roll-out?

Any updates on the Hidden Treasure quest?  This is something I've been looking forward to since the announcement.

Hey Chris,

We're almost ready to go live with automated random events. We should have them out very soon.

Is there ever any chance of random events being able to embed pictures and/or especially Youtube Videos?

I would love to have videos there for either atmospheric music appropriate to the event or similar.

I love how the events display now!  Is there a way to make the event details save to the notification?  Some events are throughout the period for me, and I may not remember the exact rewards at the end of the day to give out!  Right now the notification just shows the event icon, timestamp, and the name of the event.

Hi Nicholas,

Regarding the counter, I checked with our dev team. I'm told it doesn't exist anymore for random events, because some events' targets are not entirely randomized (you can pick the warrior with the most XP, the healer with the least HP, etc.). They will, however, look into it.

Also, the effects of the events will appear in the game feed starting tomorrow!

Random question about the delayed damage. I love the idea. However, is there a way to do it on an ipad or iphone. If not do you know if it's in the works. I teach middle school (self contained) so I have a student do most of the tracking and then during our studyhalls we deal with the positives and negatives for points. It would be nice if I could just hand her one of my ipads with my account already logged in for her to be able to do that.

Hi, I was wondering if there is an «expiration date» to delay damage. Students made me realise that they could never use their powers so no HP would be lost forever... Thanks and great job with this feature! I'm looking foward to the next ones!

Hi, Martin!

There is no expiration date to delayed damage. However, you could tell your students, "You have until tomorrow morning to use your powers, because in the morning I will resolve this delayed damage." So you could determine at which point you'll apply the damage and let the students know to use their powers before that point.

I just delay damage and then resolve it until the next class I have with the students when we do our random event for the day.  It saves time that way.  Takes a few minutes and if students want to do more I just have them log in during their own time.

I have to say that I really like the way students have to work hard academically to gain privileges. I especially like the ability to text my students on the app version as if we exchanged numbers. It's like the "remind" app where NO personal numbers are exchanged. In this case, it's better because of the cool features that are strong motivators for students to work hard so that they can achieve more.This is really great.

- Hi Scott,

Students have to activate push notifications in their accounts. In their profile, they can check "Please send me browser notifications."

- Hi Geneviéve and Erica,

I'm sorry I don't have an ETA for the integration of mathematical characters – we're still evaluating how to incorporate them. We understand how helpful it would be for you, and we do want to give it proper time and attention.

I am so looking forward to the marriage of Schoology and Classcraft. Gamifying a robust LMS like Schoology with Classcraft is genius!



Would really like to see some form of integration with Canvas. I'm teaching a GT class next year with which Classcraft could be excellent, but our entire district uses Canvas (and Skyward) for nearly everything - it seems to me that even though Classcraft could create a different level of immersion for students, that transferring information/data between these platforms could potentially be a whole lot of extra work that might not make the investment - especially in a paid, Premium account - worthwhile for a single teacher.

Is there any additional information about Canvas integration/support? This would be a deal-maker for me. I was told by a rep last week that it is on the docket for this year, but I do not see it in this post.

I would  like to add my name to the feature request for tight integration with Canvas.  I teach Ancient Civ and AP World History and would love to use ClassCraft to make the course more vibrant for students, but am too pressed for time for any duplicate work (typing in rosters, etc.  all that would need to be automated).



Hi there everyone! 

Is there any timeline or confirmation on when/if the Canvas integration will take place.  I would love to have this done since my school is using Canvas as well.  Also is there a timeline on when the LMS quest mode will be completed as well? Thank you all for your hard work, my students really enjoy this program. 




Hi everyone, we are still working on getting as many partner apps integrated as possible. We are currently working on an API to make these requests that much easier to complete. We really appreciate your patience.

I have a question for the development team, but I am also wondering if anyone else would see value in this.  I teach in China and Google is not allowed but there are other LMS platforms that are blocked also like Edmodo or Schoology.  I noticed that the Class Content part of the program will be discontinued at the end of this school year.  Would it be possible to keep this as an option for teachers to choose if they want to have this feature turned on? I really like the quests but I have noticed they take a lot of time to create and with Google Classroom being implemented I can see the draw to use them more but unfortunately Google doesn't work in China.  

I have found that Classcraft is not blocked in China and it allows my students to have one platform where they can access all class materials instead of using Canvas AND Classcraft.  Unless Canvas will be integrated at the end of this year, I really hope this feature would be allowed to stay on.  


Aaron Foster

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