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Hi, everyone:

Keep an eye on the "Announcements" section in the future: This is where we’ll be posting any notable updates to the game, including any new or upcoming features and changes. Stay tuned!

Here’s a preview of what’s coming in 2017 (what has been released is in bold):

We’ll have more details on each feature closer to their releases in our production schedule.

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager

UPDATE: As priorities for our product timeline have shifted, other projects took precedence over some of these planned updates. However, future integrations are coming as part of a bigger vision.

Anne-Marie mentioned that Edmodo integration would go live in 2016. Did it? The only information on this I could find is . However, I don't know how to actually import classes from there and can't find instructions. Also, is this just a way to have a shared login, or do the two platforms offer some sort of interaction?

Hi Gilles,

Unfortunately the Edmodo integration did not go live. The market shifted at that time, and we prioritized other features. That being said, Edmodo integration is still on our roadmap.

Thanks for your patience!



Any news on the integration with the quests and google classroom? 

Hello everyone,

Google Classroom integration with Quests is now live! Here's what you need to know.

Quests Sharing between teachers is also available! Learn more here.

It was mentioned some time ago that there would be Canvas integration coming this quarter, but now I see that is not on the list. Has this been dropped?

Hi Joseph,

We're still hoping to integrate with Canvas, but we're prioritizing other features at the moment. I don't have further details regarding its development. Thanks very much for your patience!

Rather than doing everything yourselves, is there a chance that at some point you will support input from any of the LMS standards? (SCORM/AICC/Tin Can/etc.)

It would be great if we could create content and have it integrate in-game.


I see a few suggested LMS integrations. Is Canvas on that list?  Also, if there are other Canvas users that are using classcraft - would love to hear any ideas!


Thank you!


I think it used to be on the list but got de-prioritized and pushed further down on their roadmap. (Or maybe I am thinking of another service...)

OK - thank you so much Jared. I hope I can find a way to integrate.

Hi everyone, we are still working on getting as many partner apps integrated as possible. We are currently working on an API to make these requests that much easier to complete. We really appreciate your patience.

May I ask how Schoology integration is coming? Still planning on rolling out before the end of the year? Thanks.



Yeah, no Canvas support is a non-starter for me.  I teach both Ancient Civilizations to 8th graders and AP World history, both of which I feel would benefit from ClassCraft but without tight integration with Canvas rosters, gradebook, etc. I can't afford a minute doing data entry with a new "fun" app.  I can barely get my grading done! :^)  There is always a long TODO list for improving the curricula, and ClassCraft will always be at the bottom if it isn't super  seamless for me to set it up and populate and talk to Canvas.


Dr. Tim Ruckle

I understand! I am also teaching an extra class this year and I can barely keep up with grading. Canvas is a huge help. Really wanting to do something innovative with my younger students.

Are there any plans to add more than 18 levels?

I have a question for the development team, but I am also wondering if anyone else would see value in this.  I teach in China and Google is not allowed but there are other LMS platforms that are blocked also like Edmodo or Schoology.  I noticed that the Class Content part of the program will be discontinued at the end of this school year.  Would it be possible to keep this as an option for teachers to choose if they want to have this feature turned on? I really like the quests but I have noticed they take a lot of time to create and with Google Classroom being implemented I can see the draw to use them more but unfortunately Google doesn't work in China.  

I have found that Classcraft is not blocked in China and it allows my students to have one platform where they can access all class materials instead of using Canvas AND Classcraft.  Unless Canvas will be integrated at the end of this year, I really hope this feature would be allowed to stay on.  


Aaron Foster

Hi Erin, you'll find that Classcraft avatars can actually reach level 100!


@Aaron, I think this might be helpful for you: Link!. Have a look at my last forum post there and let me know what you think! :) 

I know it has been a little while since there has been much action on this posting; however, I would like to throw out a feeler for when and if self-correcting quizzes were still in the pipeline. 

I love putting quests together for my students and this would add an entirely new element to how my kids approach the game. This and mobile support for quests are high up on my agenda.


Thanks for any news.

I'm going  to keep suggesting  (naggin? :^) about Canvas  integration.  Can update on your plans  in this area?



Hey, Tim!

Your suggestions have been heard loud and clear. Canvas integration is clearly on our roadmap and we'll be on it as soon as we have a minute!

@Luke, Self-paced Quests are out and Quests on mobile are coming soon!

@Andrew, I'm pretty sure Luke means self-correcting as in a multiple choice question that has a key that auto-assesses correct to move on, not just "click here to continue" that the current self-paced activities are.  That's the feature I am waiting for the most

Or how I read it is more of the boss battles where they can click on their iPad or whatever. 

@Jeff, @Corwin - Totally! Something hot is in the works that I think you'll all really like ;)

And is edmodo integration still in the works?  I'm not allowed to use google classroom in my division.

Was there an update for the thing on China, I'm also in China and have been looking at using Classcraft for it. I was following this forum hoping to find if schoology  has also been integrated 

Any new on quizzes?

Hi Jared,

Other projects have taken precedence on adding Quizzes to Quests for the moment. This project was way more intricate and complicated then we originally planned and our resources had to be reassigned to other projects.

We know that many teachers would like to see quizzes in our Quests and you can be certain that we are looking for ways to make it happen.

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