Coming in 2017

Hi, everyone:

Keep an eye on the "Announcements" section in the future: This is where we’ll be posting any notable updates to the game, including any new or upcoming features and changes. Stay tuned!

Here’s a preview of what’s coming in 2017 (what has been released is in bold):

We’ll have more details on each feature closer to their releases in our production schedule.

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager

UPDATE: As priorities for our product timeline have shifted, other projects took precedence over some of these planned updates. However, future integrations are coming as part of a bigger vision.

the only thing that I can't figure out is how to make my messages to the student show up for push notifications.  

I have the same issue as Ms. Galvin. I stopped using boss battles because of the interface when trying to present math questions. Also, can their be a preview of the question before finalizing it? I find that the picture is not the right size and requires scrolling. I understand that we want to see the boss and the students' avatars, but it is very hard to see the actual questions. Thank you!

- Hi Scott,

Students have to activate push notifications in their accounts. In their profile, they can check "Please send me browser notifications."

- Hi Geneviéve and Erica,

I'm sorry I don't have an ETA for the integration of mathematical characters – we're still evaluating how to incorporate them. We understand how helpful it would be for you, and we do want to give it proper time and attention.

Hi! Anything coming up for integration with Canvas? I switched a few classes from Schoology to Google Classroom in order to use Classcraft and now our district has said they will be supporting Canvas (which is great, because I need Turnitin integration) next school year. Even for high school students, one login is a huge benefit. Thanks!

Hi Larissa,

Not for the moment, but I've notified the team!

(And I'm sorry for the delay in response!)

I am so looking forward to the marriage of Schoology and Classcraft. Gamifying a robust LMS like Schoology with Classcraft is genius!



Hey, everyone!

Delayed Damage is now available on mobile in the newest version of the app. 😃

Awesome! Thank you!

That's wonderful! Mobility in class is really important and now I don't have to stay next to my computer to do these kind of things. I am so happy to see that ClassCraft is improving day by day! 


Congrats to the team! 

I am hoping for self-paced battles for next fall, so I don't have to revamp an entire system I have in place using physical clickers in my room! 


Is there an update on it so I can plan summer work accordingly?

Would really like to see some form of integration with Canvas. I'm teaching a GT class next year with which Classcraft could be excellent, but our entire district uses Canvas (and Skyward) for nearly everything - it seems to me that even though Classcraft could create a different level of immersion for students, that transferring information/data between these platforms could potentially be a whole lot of extra work that might not make the investment - especially in a paid, Premium account - worthwhile for a single teacher.

Very excited for Schoology integration.  Our school just implemented it this year, and I had too much going on to keep up with Classcraft for my kids this year.  I really want to get involved again next year though.  The integration will definitely help.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback! It's always appreciated.

With the upcoming feature we're working on (to be released next fall), we're hoping to enable self-paced battles as well as integration with many platforms.

Is there any additional information about Canvas integration/support? This would be a deal-maker for me. I was told by a rep last week that it is on the docket for this year, but I do not see it in this post.

Hi, Joseph!

We don't have an ETA for Canvas at the moment, although we're aiming for the fall as well.

Thanks for the update. Should "this fall" mean "before school begins" (Aug/Sept) or later?

Any ETA for Schoology integration or same as for Canvas? Thanks.



Hi Joseph,
Hi Jack,

Unfortunately, at this time, we're unable to provide an exact ETA. We will announce any updates further into development.

Thanks for your patience!

Are there any slightly-specific details as to what Canvas integration might entail, such as importing/sync'ing students/gradebooks?

Hi Joseph,

I'm afraid we don't have that information yet.

I would  like to add my name to the feature request for tight integration with Canvas.  I teach Ancient Civ and AP World History and would love to use ClassCraft to make the course more vibrant for students, but am too pressed for time for any duplicate work (typing in rosters, etc.  all that would need to be automated).



I was wondering if the warriors level balancing was addressed. 

I saw this posted by Stephanie on page 1 of this forum.

We made the following change last night:

  • Changed Warrior XP gain from using Protect 1, 2, and 3. These powers now grant double XP. 

I share out the leader board on Fridays most of the top 10 are warriors.

Yea I noticed being a warrior there's a catch 21 because they gain the most xp, but they are more than likely to fall in battle, which thematically makes the most sense.  

Hi there everyone! 

Is there any timeline or confirmation on when/if the Canvas integration will take place.  I would love to have this done since my school is using Canvas as well.  Also is there a timeline on when the LMS quest mode will be completed as well? Thank you all for your hard work, my students really enjoy this program. 




love the new quest feature!  I've spent hours on it, trying to make something interesting.  Is there any way to copy quests and use them for other classes, or must I redo it all from class to class.  

The Quest mode is amazing! I am working on ideas to integrate my sidequests with the quest mode! Also, if teachers were to have upgradable avatars, it would make the experience much more interesting; especially if the teacher avatars could play the antagonist of the game! Kudos to the Classcraft team for constantly making Classcraft an awesome platform! Classcraft is the reason for my classroom gamification every semester! 

I was wondering the same as Scott, is there a way to copy a quest from one class to another.  AND is there away that we can get a picture of the 3 islands?


We're pleased to hear you like Quests! :-)

@Scott: It is now possible to copy your quests. You can find out more here.

@Charles: Thanks! I'll make note of your suggestion.

@Jeffrey: You can find out more about copying your quests here. As for making the images available, I'll have to check!

Is there a way to make an objective with no task?  That would be so useful.  It would help quest creators connect branching stories to converge on one ending without needing to add additional assignments.  Something that is auto-completed when students click on it.  That would allow teachers to create a lot more complex a story without having to constantly click "complete" on the progress tab.  Also, something to think about; if you could create a group objective that the group votes on, that would make things interesting.  

Never mind.  I found the answer to my own question.  You just make an "quest end" objective and then link it to the next thing.  

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