Coming in 2017

Hi, everyone:

Keep an eye on the "Announcements" section in the future: This is where we’ll be posting any notable updates to the game, including any new or upcoming features and changes. Stay tuned!

Here’s a preview of what’s coming in 2017 (what has been released is in bold):

We’ll have more details on each feature closer to their releases in our production schedule.

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager

UPDATE: As priorities for our product timeline have shifted, other projects took precedence over some of these planned updates. However, future integrations are coming as part of a bigger vision.

I love how the events display now!  Is there a way to make the event details save to the notification?  Some events are throughout the period for me, and I may not remember the exact rewards at the end of the day to give out!  Right now the notification just shows the event icon, timestamp, and the name of the event.

Hi Jeff,

I have the dev team on it! Thanks. :-)

Double what Jeff said.

Also, the random person picker is acting odd.

For example, I have a smartboard and use the wheel of destiny to pick students to go up and click on the event to 'choose' it. It puts it in their hands and they like getting up and doing it, for the most part.

"Bob" gets picked. Picks event. I decide to do an extra event because of the approaching holiday and today's our last day for break. "Sue" gets picked, goes up. Picks an event that needs a random student. Who does it pick? "Bob"

Shouldn't it keep going? I don't see the nice 'reset' screen anymore to help make sure everyone gets picked before it starts another cycle, if that makes sense.

Hi Nicholas,

Regarding the counter, I checked with our dev team. I'm told it doesn't exist anymore for random events, because some events' targets are not entirely randomized (you can pick the warrior with the most XP, the healer with the least HP, etc.). They will, however, look into it.

Also, the effects of the events will appear in the game feed starting tomorrow!

Okay. Thank you for letting us know and getting with them!

It may just be my unfamiliarity with this brand new system that's causing me 'problems' at the moment. Looking forward to seeing it really working in the new year when I return to my students!

Hello, everyone!

You might have noticed delayed damage is here! You can read more about it here.

That's awesome news! That is going to save so much class time (along with the automated event effects). Thanks for the updates!

Can't wait to get back to class so I can use the new features. Letting the kids use their own powers makes the game more interactive!! Student's misbehavior already disrupt the class, but then having to asking out loud who whats to use their power to save a teammate takes up more time. Every minute counts during a 55 min class and this will save that minute.

These are game changing adds. Awesome! Saves so much class time and helps the flow of class stay on rhythm. Thanks!

Random question about the delayed damage. I love the idea. However, is there a way to do it on an ipad or iphone. If not do you know if it's in the works. I teach middle school (self contained) so I have a student do most of the tracking and then during our studyhalls we deal with the positives and negatives for points. It would be nice if I could just hand her one of my ipads with my account already logged in for her to be able to do that.

Hi Corwin,

We plan on having delayed damage on mobile very soon. :-)

Hi, I was wondering if there is an «expiration date» to delay damage. Students made me realise that they could never use their powers so no HP would be lost forever... Thanks and great job with this feature! I'm looking foward to the next ones!

Hi, Martin!

There is no expiration date to delayed damage. However, you could tell your students, "You have until tomorrow morning to use your powers, because in the morning I will resolve this delayed damage." So you could determine at which point you'll apply the damage and let the students know to use their powers before that point.

I just delay damage and then resolve it until the next class I have with the students when we do our random event for the day.  It saves time that way.  Takes a few minutes and if students want to do more I just have them log in during their own time.

I personally use the delayed damage as a chance for the students to interact more with the character. One great thing it has done was that it resolved the constant complaint from my warriors of "Why can't I use protect myself?" Since the students can now handle the damage on their own, I am giving the kids up to 3 class periods to resolve any damage before I make it take effect. I haven't seen if the 3 day grace period is too long, but it has definitely made the process a whole lot easier. My students are interacting and collaborating to stay alive in the game a whole lot more than they ever used to.

I have to say that I really like the way students have to work hard academically to gain privileges. I especially like the ability to text my students on the app version as if we exchanged numbers. It's like the "remind" app where NO personal numbers are exchanged. In this case, it's better because of the cool features that are strong motivators for students to work hard so that they can achieve more.This is really great.

Thank, you, L David! That's great to hear. :D

Hello, all! I'd like to share some of the changes we've made to the game recently:

  • The Random Event form is now easier to use. It also allows you to set multiple effects to a single target (for example, a random player gains 100 XP and 100 GP, and has to squeak like a mouse).
  • Classcraft will now work better and load faster than before on Safari 10.
  • Labels have been added to the player list options in the game dashboard.

Awesome! This makes making random events a little easier.

Hi Anne-Marie!

I have a question.....let's say, I have removed a student's character from my class. Will that student still gain access to the features on classcraft with his or her avatar? 

Hi, L David!

When you remove a student from your class, his character is archived. This means he can no longer play with this character. I hope this answers your question!

Thank you Anne-Marie. Hopefully one of these days I get to classcraft evolve more as technology advances. I haven't tried it yet but I do believe my students will enjoy it.

I am wondering if the timer boss battle can have an automated award if the kids finish the challenge before the timer ends. LOVE the placement change for the attendance. Thanks!

Any update on the Schoology intergration?  We have a district PLC in a couple of weeks and i am supposed to discuss a topic and I picked ClassCraft.  Since our district uses Schoology I wanted to be able to use that as an incentive for more to get involved.


Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for choosing Classcraft as your topic! 😃

Unfortunately, the Schoology integration won't be ready in two weeks in time for your district PLC.

I was just wondering if we knew when the 

  • Self-correcting quizzes
  • Class Content LMS gets a quest mode

would be released? 


Any idea? 

Hi Brian,

I couldn't give you a hard ETA, but we're aiming to release them this summer.

 love the changes so far.  notifications are a super plus 

Awesomethanks, Scott!

That's right: Push notifications are live!



Any news on the Boss Battles getting some form of Maths Type in it?


 I keep trying to make a Boss Battle for my classes but since I have to turn every expression or equation into an image and then save and then upload it .... which can mean 3/4 images per question since I have to do it for most of my answers as well .... I end up giving up :( 


Really would love to use this feature but don't have hours to spend just to make one battle

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