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Hi, everyone:

Keep an eye on the "Announcements" section in the future: This is where we’ll be posting any notable updates to the game, including any new or upcoming features and changes. Stay tuned!

Here’s a preview of what’s coming in 2017 (what has been released is in bold):

We’ll have more details on each feature closer to their releases in our production schedule.

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager

UPDATE: As priorities for our product timeline have shifted, other projects took precedence over some of these planned updates. However, future integrations are coming as part of a bigger vision.

We made the following change last night:

  • Changed Warrior XP gain from using Protect 1, 2, and 3. These powers now grant double XP. 
Official comment

So do we have a schedule or plan on when some of the other changes are going to take effect?

Bonsoir, serait-il possible d'avoir une version en français du topic "Annonces" ? Merci !


9 new sets: Wolf, Poison Frog, Chameleon, Artist, Astrologer, Bard, Lava Mage, Smoke Mage, Crystal Mage

– Tutorial popping up for no reason is fixed
– Class introducer on Safari was broken, now it’s fixed
– Class customizer is now included in the drop-down menus in the "My Classes" list

What levels are the new pets and gear



Any idea on the timeline for Schoology integration? Thanks in advance.

A while back I created male and female characters of each class to see all pets and gear (and use it as teasers).  I tried to see the new sets and pets for all classes.  The mage pets do not show up.  I made sure I bought the sets, logged offf and back on.  Still no pets.

Here's what I know so far:

  • Automated random events (coming out in a few weeks)
  • Delayed damage (coming out next month)
  • Hidden Treasure sound quest (coming out next month)

I'll check re: gear/pet levels, Jeffrey.

Lowell — hmm, let's investigate via the tickets. I'll make one with you.

Stephaine that wasn't just a problem Lowell had.  It did the same to me.  But when i would switch classes to look at the pets for a different class (warrior) the one i wanted to see as a mage would pop up under warrior or healer until i advanced to the next pet.


Hi Jeffrey,

OK, let's make a ticket for you as well!

For the new gear and pets, here are the levels:

  • Lava, Bard, Chameleon - Level 7
  • Artist, Poison Frog - Level 11
  • Smoke, Astrologer, Wolf - Level 12
  • Crystal - Level 13

There's a bug with the Mage pets. It will be fixed in the next week.

Thanks for your patience!

Yay! Edmodo Integration +1!

I use Edmodo to keep in touch with my students after school and on the weekends, so adding Edmodo functionality will really increase the effectiveness of ClassCraft and vice-versa!

You guys are doing great things!

Thanks for your kind words of support, Aaron! :)

Is there some way to get a look at the new pets and gear?

I created a class with a male and female of each character type. I gave each enough do to get to level 18 and enough gp to buy the armor so I could see each type of armor and all the pets.

Very excited about Schoology integration. Joined Schoology after seeing the announcement on Classcraft earlier in the year. My class can't wait either. Any rough idea on roll-out?

Any word on automated random events?  Last word was 'a few weeks' back in September.

Any updates on the Hidden Treasure quest?  This is something I've been looking forward to since the announcement.

Hi, everyone!

Here are the latest updates:


  • Timer and Stopwatch now have sounds (these will work even if you're elsewhere in the desktop app)
  • Overall improvements to the Android app


Andy--Schoology integration will happen in 2017.

Cory--Hidden Treasure quest will come out early 2017 at the latest.

Chris--Automated random events will be in the next update.

Hello! I just started using Edmodo, and I'm super excited to hear about the integration!! Will this roll-out also take place in 2017?

Hi Linda,

Edmodo integration should go live in 2016!

I'm am thrilled with the updates that have come over the past few months, and I'm very excited for the upcoming updates.  I have two (hopefully quick) questions:

1. What are the automated random events? How do they differ from the current random event system?

2. Any ETA on the LMS Quest Mode? This is something that I'm really excited for.

I don't know if this is the right place, but I also have a suggestion. With the implementation of boss battles, and the upcoming self-paced battles, I thought it would be cool if character classes had unique stats for battle (attack, defense, magic attack, etc...) Not sure if this is possible, but I thought it would be pretty rad.

Hi Jared,

I'm glad to hear you're happy with the recent updates!

1. For the moment, teachers need to handle random events manually, but with automated random events, points will be added/subtracted instantly.

2. We're hoping to have the LMS Quest Mode for winter 2017.

Also, that's a good idea! However, we're trying to keep the game more simple for people with minimal knowledge of video games. :-)

Hi Anne-Marie Menard,


The LMS Quest Mode, do you mean NEXT winter, as in November - December of 2017 or do you mean January, February, March 2017?

Hi Brian,

I meant the latter, January-February-March 2017. Sorry about the confusion!

Any updates on any of the updates, especially that latest one of automated random events?

Hey Chris,

We're almost ready to go live with automated random events. We should have them out very soon.

Is there ever any chance of random events being able to embed pictures and/or especially Youtube Videos?

I would love to have videos there for either atmospheric music appropriate to the event or similar.

Hi Nicholas,

Not in the upcoming update, but that's a good idea!

Hi, everyone!

Automated random events are now live. You can read more on creating random events here!

Edit: For now, random events are automated on the main website only. From the mobile app, you'll be able to see the day's event, but you'll need to handle it manually later on. Automation will be coming to mobile in 2017.

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