South Korea

I teach at an international school in Seoul and have been using it since it was in beta format! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Hey Darren, I am also in Seoul. Just started 3 weeks ago but I am only using it with one of my classes as I learn the ropes.  What content do you teach? Any tips?

Hi Grant, 


I'm sorry I never saw this until now! I teach Social Studies at the Middle School level (History/Geography). Tip wise, I would look at the different forums for some cool ideas for daily events ( lots of people have shared their ideas) Anything you want to know, please feel free to ask!

"I teach EFL in Korea at the university level. My students are mostly freshmen. We work on basic conversation; my students are mostly beginners and high beginners. Can I use this game in Korea?  

I'm teaching after school for elementary students. During set-up students are asked to enter their birthdates and then an agreement pops up for parents to approve if students are under age 18. I don't know how I could get these permissions; everything is in English. What did you do?


Bradley, yes, sure. Given the gaming culture of SK, I would say it would be a hit! If their basic ability is low, it might take some time to get the rules straight and I would modify your events a bit (or ask them to come up with some later once they become comfortable in English!).



Sarah, tough situation. I teach at an international school so, I sent a letter home to the parents in English seeking permission. Perhaps, send a letter home (in Korean) to the parents? Would that be an option?

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