[Solved] Changing teams

How do I move one student from one team to another? 

Hi Nancy,

Go to your class settings (gear icon in the bottom left of the game dashboard), then choose "Teams." Simply drag and drop students from one team to another to change them.

Hope that helps!

Official comment

How do you create a larger space for this to happen?  It is so tight in there and hard to see all of the teams on one page.  Also, is there a way to randomly create teams without using the drag and drop method?  I know you could randomly select an existing team through the "Random Event", but I'm looking to randomly reassign teams for this next trimester.

Hi Dimitra,

The only way to create a team is to drag and drop students onto it. I can understand that that would be harder to do from a smaller screen, so I can ask the dev team about making an alternative available.

As for randomly assigning teams, that is not possible. However, randomly assigning teams would make it impossible to follow the guidelines for creating teams, which isn't ideal.

Thanks for your feedback!

My "Teams" page will not allow me to drag and drop my final two students into the teams that are at the very  bottom (not in view) of the page. How can I do this?



Hey, Jennifer! 

Two things you could try:

1. Make sure you are using a supported browser (Google Chrome, Safari or Microsft Edge). 

2. Change your "Zoom" level using CTRL and "+" or CTRL and "-". 


Let me know if that works!

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