Re-posting some themes from the old discussion

Just to boost these - a couple of the ideas I saw frequently on the old boards:

Good idea, Laura. :)

I can say that individual Boss Battles are self-correcting quizzes, and they're on the way!

Official comment

1.  I've thought about having students being able to see their own individual feed in addition to a class or group feed.  Students wouldn't need to spend minutes at a time to find what their personal events are.

2.  In the message boards, I'd like to see the option of claiming the reward after they have submitted an assignment or document.

3.  The option of copying and pasting in questions and answers for a boss battle.  Or at least a way to import more than one question at a time.

4.  On the grade book, it shows Google Classroom assignments for both classes.  An option to remove an assignment from view or hide it would be nice.

5.  On the subject of the grade book, some type of way for the students to see what they got and their rewards.  I don't want to show the grades to the class as it could shame on students.  But a notification to each student when an assignment is graded and xp is awarded would be nice.

Ooh - yes.  I'd forgotten about the feed!  It would be REALLY nice for instructors to be able to see an individual student's feed too.  I sometimes have to scroll through 40 or 50 events to try to see if a student used a power that they forgot to tell me about! 

I think it mirrors the feed idea, but I called it a Diary or Journal that just records the major events for each student daily.

6.  Multi-Class could be a little more user-friendly.  At our school, the Librarian, Music Teacher, and Art Teacher would like to collaborate with us on the same students.  Presently, I had to help each one create a class and import students one by one from the roster.  It would be nice to be able to select a teacher and import all their students into a class at once and have the option to maintain their present teams.

Elias - Thanks for the suggestions on Multi-Class! We're working on some ideas now that should help to make that feature more user-friendly overall. 

Love the idea of boss battles that students could play on their own. I would like to limit the amount of times that they could complete one. I can imagine my kiddos completing the same one over and over just to level up. :)

It would also be great to see sequenced boss battles once students are able to battle bosses on their own. For example, if you fight boss #1 with a 70% or more you can move on to boss #2. Thank you Stephanie for letting us know that the individual boss battles are on their way.

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