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Today, while in my classroom, during most of the day, the load time seemed exceptionally long.  I was wondering if that was because of a high level of traffic or something that may have occurred on my end.

In the morning, prior to school hours, there was no lag time, but once school began, there was exceptional lag time (made the platform unusable for the purpose of having all students in the class logging in).

If no one else experienced a lag, then I can try and narrow it down on my end, but if it was a system wide lag, I won't have to bother my IT guys.

Anyone else experience this today?



Hi Roy,

Thanks for reaching out!

We did run into a few snags yesterday, due to heavy traffic. We've restructured an important part of our server architecture yesterday evening, so you should see improvements and faster speeds in the next days. You can follow our server status here: status.classcraft.com. Let us know if it the issue continues.

Thanks for playing Classcraft!


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Thank you!!

Is there a max number of students we can add per class? I'm trying to add about 50 students in a class and it tells me that I can't. However I was able to do it a few days ago.

Hi Cathelyne,

Yes — we've temporarily limited the cap to 50 students per class to ease the memory load, as this caused a little slowdown today. 

Thank you. Will it be back to normal?

We may bring it back up in the fall once the issue is fully resolved. 

Is the cap still in place? I'm not tremendously worried with my smaller classes, but I'll space it out if I need to.

It is, but we've bumped it up a bit!

Interface is not loading for me this afternoon.  Is there an issue?

This is becoming a very common problem for me.  It is not an issue with my internet connection (as every other webbased app and page works properly).

Overall, if this continues, I don't know how I can consistently use this platform for my classes if the portal continues to bog down, especially for a paid service...

Agreed.  I also paid for the service and love it.  Unfortunately the lag that seems to happen more and more frequently makes it hard to justify the expense.

Has so much potential for my classroom and have enjoyed using -- but, I just need it to work consistently.  Not fun to have a class that is excited about a daily event that we can't load, or happy to get XP but we can't load, or if I'm going to use for tracking behavior -- but I can't access.

Hey Julie, Roy, 

Just wanted to take a second to let you know that this is our number one priority right now. We're in the process of executing on an optimization strategy – unfortunately, this type of work requires Classcraft to be shut down temporarily, so it can only take place at night, which is why it's taking so long. I am personally going to be up all through the night tonight making adjustments to our server stack. Your frustration is VERY understandable, I thank you for your patience as we sort it out.


CEO of Classcraft

Glad to know you also have "teacher hours"!!!  Thanks for the info!


Did you see any improvement today? Should have been pretty zippy. 



Hi Shawn,

Thanks so much!  After you made your fix, the platform was running very well!  I really appreciate the responsiveness of the Classcraft team!



I am experiencing this lag issue today. My class is supposed to be all logging in to complete a quest. They are all remaining on the spinning wheel and not getting into the dashboard.


Hi Melissa,

We resolved the issue affecting student logins this morning. Please let me know if you're still experiencing any issues!

Is anyone experience server connectivity issues?  My students last week, as well as today, have had trouble loading into their accounts. The workaround we have had to for is for them to go to the main website and click login rather than being able to use their bookmark on their Chromebook. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue over the past week or so?

Hi Tyler,

You may wish to test Classcraft on two separate Internet connections to determine if your school connection is causing the issue.

It is possible that your school's firewall blocks certain parts of Classcraft resulting in slowness or an inability to connect.

You can give your school’s IT department the following information to ensure proper connection to Classcraft:

  • Whitelist the following domain : *.classcraft.com
  • Open the following ports : 443 and 80
  • Allow the websocket (wss) protocol

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