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Let us know how we're doing and how you're enjoying Classcraft!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

After having taken a year off from Classcraft, I was impressed to see the new tools and the quests.  Students keep asking me about the quests, but we aren't a 1:1 school so I would have to carve out some computer lab time to do this.

I love the volume meter!  Group work is so much quieter, and I hope they eventually get to the point where they stop looking at the Promethean board and stay focused on the task at hand, but it has saved my sanity on more than one occasion this year! Thank you!

Some feedback - I am so utterly frustrated by the iOS app that I've started just logging in on my Chrome browser. It will log me out, and when I go to login, it glitches out and tells me that my classes are empty.  I also wish that I could click on students and batch award XP from my phone that I tend to carry around the room.  Some of my students have claimed that they aren't able to train pets.  I haven't had time to investigate this further, but I've received this complaint on more than several occasions.

Is there any plan to get the app on the Kindle Fire app store?  I know that there is a way to get Google Play apps onto Fire tablets, but since they belong to the students, I don't feel comfortable encouraging them to do this without their parent's permission.  

Hi Jess,

Thanks very much for your feedback!

It isn't on our roadmap to add a Kindle Fire app; however, we've just released a new version of the iOS app (3.0.0), which should resolve a lot of those issues.

Someone may have already mentioned this, but it would be helpful to have an "undo" button for teachers. Sometimes I click the wrong thing and it is hard to go back and edit! 

@Christina - I've done this before, too. I've found the worst thing that occurs from a "fat finger" is that the character dies, but death sentences are easily forgiven. And it's just another excellent excuse for me to award some apologetic XP to the not-so-unfortunate student. I have even turned it into a "teachers make mistakes, too" life lesson. :)

About a year ago you were looking at integrating Classcraft with Canvas.  My school will be going fully to Canvas, so no more Google Classroom.  Are you still looking to get Canvas integrated with Classcraft?  It would be a tremendous help next school year.

Hi Peter,

We are currently working on getting our integration with Canvas finalized! Expect to see cool things around Canvas + Classcraft soon!


Bonjour. Ce serait plus intéressant d'avoir pour les guerriers une indication quant aux AP et HP qu'ils possèdent avant de faire un choix. Comme noté sur l'image ci-jointe, je parle du moment où l'élève doit choisir entre Protection 1 et 2 par exemple.

Ce serait bien pour l'élève de savoir s'il a assez d'AP ou d'HP pour pouvoir faire Protection 1 et Protection 2 ensuite. Souvent, il clique sur Protection 1 et n'ont plus assez d'AP (ou d'HP) pour faire Protection 2 et sont évidemment déçus puisque s'ils l'avaient su, ils auraient opté pour Protection 2 afin de gagner plus d'XP.


Très bonne idée, Robin!

J'envoie cette rétroaction à notre équipe de développeurs :)

I cannot say enough nice things about quests.  I just had one of my classes "beta test" the assignment turn in option that we never used before and it is such a great tool.  It's organized and super easy to use on a computer for when I have time to grade or on a tablet when I'm monitoring the class and they can get quick feedback.  Every time I use a feature I am impressed with how smooth and user-friendly it is.

Hi, I suggest to create a new discuss channels for portuguese language community (Comunidade de países de língua portuguesa)... I'm engagement to use classcraft.

We started with Classcraft four weeks ago and so far, it has great and very positive impact on the testing class.

Our teachers were open for a new experience and put in a lot of effort to customize the rules and powers for our school.

It was worth every hour and we will soon upgrade to the premium version (because the students are collecting signatures for it ;)).

Thank you very much for this great platform!

- Thank you for the suggestion Rafael! I hope other portuguese teachers can rally and start conversations in the appropriate forums!

- Wow Michael, we love reading these testimonials! We are happy to read that Classcraft is making a difference in your school and that both students and teachers are engaged!

Please bring back the Game Feed and Delayed Damage areas.  Having it as an all-in-one notification dropdown is very difficult to navigate.  I appreciate the filters, but I can no longer see who has delayed damage (it's by team now?  What about when the whole class has damage?), nor can I see the amount of XP and/or AP used, or HP gained.  Those amounts are important for some daily events I use, and I don't want to have to go look up how much AP different powers cost, or how much health a healing power gives, etc.

Thank you!

To second Stephanie, and to add on, I also miss the visible to class memo at the top of the most recent action. If I'm quickly going through giving points while they're working, it lets them just glance up and see what I just did.

I'm jumping on this bandwagon.

Classcraft, why are you TAKING AWAY features instead of ADDING NEW ONES!?

Please bring back the feed at the top.

Please bring back the old logo.

Please bring back the delayed damage. Having it on the log-on screen is neat, but otherwise, how do I know?

Please bring back the weapons on the character artwork.

All of these things made Classcraft work while waiting for new features. I know you are all busy behind the scenes but I want new features. This platform has SO much potential.

Je déteste la nouvelle interface. Pourquoi avoir enlevé le fil d'action et les sentences??? Il faut remettre l'icône du fil d'action ainsi que celle pour les sentences qui nous indiquait rapidement s'il y avait des sentences dans un groupe ou pas. Long et compliqué pour rien.

I love the Demo Class, but could it be put at the bottom of the drop down menu?  I name my classes after the periods (Period 1, etc), and I don't need the Demo Class at the top of the menu all year.  Or allow us to hide it?  Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your feedback on our recent releases, and I have passed them on to our development team to review.

En plus, je viens de m'apercevoir qu'il était impossible d'effacer les éléments du fil d'action. Vraiment pas cool ça non plus. Je ne comprends vraiment pas pourquoi avoir fait ces changements.

Hello Everyone!

I have some good news for you this morning!!

The Game Feed is back! Thanks to everyone's feedback here we realized how important it was to have the Game Feed icon right on your Teacher Dashboard, so we brought it back in a 'view only' mode. We also moved it in Analytics so it is the first thing you see when you go there :) Enjoy!!

Thank you for all your feedback!!!

Could you set it so the tutorial and demo class setup is linked to an account and not a device?  I use Classcraft on lots of different devices and I've had to click through the tutorial 5 times so far.  Thank you!

I would love a feature to be added to organize the GP, HP, XP by numerical value or by used most even. This would cut down time in having to find what you are looking for. Thanks.

Thank you Stephanie and Lindsey, these are good ideas!

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