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Let us know how we're doing and how you're enjoying Classcraft!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

We are just beginning and used our first Daily Event.  How do we decide who gets the 1000xp on the Gift of Angels?  

Hi, Nancy!

Does the event call for a random player or team? If so, there should be a green button on the event. This is for the Wheel of Destiny, and it will allow you to choose the random student who gets the bonus XP.

It took a while to get every student an account, they have trouble with caps/no caps and more.  Can we enable the name and password setup initially from the teacher dashboard to make it easier to help faster.  I have some classes with 10 kids still trying to figure it out after 3 or 4 days on ipads.  If i could call them up one at a time, or just set a default name/password to their first and last names.  I found most would not take home the paper and log on.

Hi Leslie,

We have a couple options for this. The best way would be through the "Introduce" feature:

Through this, you can have your students set up their accounts in class. If you have a small class size, this may be ideal as you could monitor the process to make sure they're noting their usernames and password correctly.

If they're still having trouble, you can go to your Students list in class settings, click the pencil button across from their name, and edit their username and password for them. This may be easiest for you at this point.

Hope that helps!

Can you make it so we can customize all the abilities instead of only a few? 

Voilà je viens de commencer,

les élèves ont l'air d'apprécier et les premiers pouvoirs tombent !

POur moi ce n'est pas évident de suivre qui dans la classe utilise des pouvoirs donc je suis allé sur l'historique.

L'utilisation de l'historique pour retrouver des informations n'est pas très pratique.

Il serait peut-être intéressant de structurer davantage l'historique en sous rubriques telles que " utilisation des pouvoirs"

" AP perdus" "XP gagnés" .....

Autre chose, mes élèves aimeraient pouvoir se défier entre équipe et mettre une somme de Xp en jeu (quelle équipe réussira le mieux au prochain contrôle,  laquelle rendra le meilleur devoir maison, laquelle perdra le moins de points sur une heure ....) sans forcément passer par mon interface !

 Classcraft amène certains élèves à se dépasser, car ils veulent engendrer les points et sont du coup  beaucoup beaucoup plus attentifs!

Cependant pour moi la gestion ne doit pas se faire au dépend de la séquence de cours, or gérer la recherche de "est ce que quelqu'un de l'équipe de john, qui est mort au combat, peut utiliser son pouvoir" me semble trop fastidieuse.

Ne serait il pas possible que les élèves d'une même équipe aient des notifications comme celles que reçoit  l'enseignant leur demandant si ils veulent utiliser leur pouvoir avec les différentes possibilités à cliquer "le laisser tomber", "utiliser le pouvoir" .....

Bonjour Michel, 

Merci de partager vos idées dans les forums. 

1. Nous avons quelques idées et projets concernant le fil d'actions afin de faciliter l'accès aux informations.

2. Classcraft a pour but d'encourager la collaboration non la compétition. Par contre, si vous pensez que certaines suggestions de vos élèves sont intéressantes, vous pouvez les ajouter dans votre liste d'évènements aléatoires ou tout simplement les faire en classe, mais en ajoutant les points dans leurs comptes. 

3. Nous travaillons à ajouter la possibilité de reporter les dommages afin de les gérer en fin de journée, en dehors des heures de classe. 

J'aimerais simplement vous faire savoir qu'il y a des forums en français, où d'autres enseignants seraient heureux de lire vos idées et suggestions. 

Merci encore :)

How does one contact ClassCraft directly? I have emailed them and no response, the same with my Learning Director at my school. I have loved the effect of the free version and would like to purchase a license for premium but no replies from the company.  

Hi Jeff,

That's strange! We've had problems with our submission form in the past, though... Please email me at and I'll be happy to help!

I purchased ClassCraft last year and I was happy with it, even though it seemed to be in the beginning stages. I stuck with them again this year, in hopes they would add more features, and they have! The automatic effect of random events is great. I'm really looking forward to the self-correcting quizzes. I'm also glad that they add new armor and pets each year. 

While I understand that many teachers only have the head space for a simple, straightforward experience, it's my hope that there will be more "advanced features" for those of us who are really getting into it. Like others have said before, I'd love to see even more effects and customization for students beyond the "I got a new costume" status. While they seem excited about leveling up at first, the effect seems to wear off around mid-school-year. I think if leveling up meant more HP and AP maxes, and if students could use GP to buy weapons and armor that helped them in battles, then the interest would stay there. I could envision myself creating a hundred self-correcting quizzes for students to do on their own time so they could level up their characters.

It seems like ClassCraft has been really good about addressing problems (like server lag) and adding features, so I'm very happy with the company. I hope that in a few years I'll see even more advanced game play.

Thank you for your feedback, Josh! It's much appreciated. I dare say we have pretty exciting things coming up. 😀

I love the new drop-down menu at the top that easily lets me switch between classes!  My kids love the new pets and armor, and we love the subtle heartbeat sound that comes up when their health is lower than a boss battle question.  Thank you!

Is there any way to make the Boss Battles more like Kahootz or Quizziz? I teach at a 1:1 school, so all my students have individual Chrome Books. It would be more effective if they could see the question on the screen through my account but be able to answer them on their own devices and receive the points on an individual or team basis. Maybe allowing them to receive double the points individually if they answer all the questions correctly or if their whole team answers the questions correctly. It would be great to be able to use that as an option along with the whole class version.

I am a student teacher and I just started ClassCraft with two of my three periods of sixth grade Language Arts. (My first period has to prove they're willing to work together and cooperate before I'm willing to spend any more time on it with them. Set-up a struggle and there are 34 students in that class.) Here is my wish list so far:

*Full customization for avatars as far as facial features. My students want their avatars to really look like them. I appreciate the diversity that is already there, but it's hard to differentiate between avatars at a glance because there are too many that look exactly the same.

*Integration with Schoology

*Customizable/more team crests. I have about 3 teams in each class that all have the same crest. Being able to make crests or have a wider choice (though the ones there now are awesome) would be great.

*Kahoot-like quiz. I agree with Anne above. I'm at a 1:1 iPad school and Kahoots are a really great tool, though my kids get tired of them sometimes. 

*Customizable Boss monsters - I'm a huge D&D nerd and I'd love to import some of the art from the Dungeons & Dragons books as my monsters. These ones are great, but the selection is still limited and I can't change the name of the monster. (I'm building a narrative story around this "empire" the students' characters exist in a la Dungeons & Dragons. I want to make punny names for my bosses. The first I did was the Contexticoon which is a jabbery Walzer that has to use as complex a vocabulary as they can.)


Those being said, I really love the fact that on the first day, three of my kiddos who normally need multiple redirections were helping other students, being positive, speaking politely, and overall being great, positive additions to the classroom environment. It continues on and that's pretty amazing. I work in an urban school with a high SPED population and large volume of kids who live in poverty. ClassCraft has them excited about school again and that is INVALUABLE. In just a few days, I've seen a complete attitude shift in some of my more challenging students. I plan on implementing ClassCraft in my future classrooms with my complete narrative story arc and prompts all set up.

A suggestion maybe.  In the boss battles, ! can insert an image as a question, but can not insert an image as an answer.  Could this be a possibility?

I like this idea, Michael! I shared it with the team, and they'll consider it.

Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

Hi Jules,

Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience with Classcraft! 😀

Is there a Feature that shows the student with highest XP scores for each of my classes? I have created a leader board in my class and this feature would make it real easy to locate the highest score. Thanks

Hi, Alexandria!

When you're in the "Class" view of the game dashboard, you can click on "XP" in the header to sort students from highest to lowest XP.


I have a crush on the volume meter, you guys.

Those are amazing!  You are certainly the model for using ClassCraft without each student having a device.  Just out of curiousity, what grade do you teach?

I teach fourth grade. We do have 1:1 devices (Chromebooks), but I really like to build in my own world to add to the experience. Reading tests are Boss Battles, Math tests are Rescue Missions, Daily Language Review and Daily Math Review Quizzes are Skirmishes, and Spelling Tests have become Spelling Quests. Here is one of the intro slides for a Rescue Mission.

...and this is the final page listing requirements for success. 

Oh, by the way, the mission points are student test scores added together. The 480 required is for a six-person team. If each student got a 100% they would have 600 mission points. So 480 points is basically 80% of that.

How do you determine if Tauriel is unharmed?

Tauriel is unharmed if any teams get the higher team score of 540 mission points. Teams getting 480 will rescue her, but teams with scores adding up to 540 or higher will bring her back unscathed.

I have watched webinars and tutorials, I have set up my group and I'm ready!  I can't wait to introduce Classcraft to my grade 6 students!  My group has mostly boys, so I'm sure it'll be a huge hit!

It would be nice if the sound played on the computer when I give XP or remove HP with my phone, the students would hear it with the interactive board speakers!

Thank you so much, I'm already in love with Classcraft!

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