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- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

I teach art 5th-8th and I see most every other day.  It has taken me longer than I expected to set up and familiarize the students with the game but it has been worth the time.  My kids are behaving better already and way less begging them to clean up.  I give gold for clean up and for plugging in ipads.  I also integrated the pact with my social contract.  I created a double door size poster for my entrance and made rules posters in gamer speak.  I used the boss battles to go over rules.

I made a trailer...

We'd love to see your trailer and decorations, Leslie! :)

Please share your video link and some posters.

Hi, all!

Leslie had the good idea to start a "posters and trailers" thread here. Don't hesitate to share your own!

I'm a High School art 1 teacher.  I have had my students create what we call tomes of enlightenment (sketchbooks). They craft these by hand after researching bookbinding techniques.  We will use these as "quest journals".  We will keep notes in them and this is what they will get to use for their, "Cheat Sheet provided by the Game Master."  I also have the kids out "adventuring in the school where they look for the treasure chest that I have hidden in a common area or at an event that the school is sponsoring, when they find it they bring it to me and have to answer a series of questions, and then they gain xp and massive gold points.   

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