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- The Classcraft Team

I teach 7th grade English. Here are some of my sentences:

 I teach high school students preparing to enter college. Many of them use the Online Common Application to apply to the various universities here in the U.S.  For sentences that will prepare them for their college essays, I have created the following Lamentations for Fallen Heroes, using the 2016-17 Common App Essay Prompts:

The Hero's Parable:  Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their collegiate application would be incomplete without it. Write an essay sharing your story.

The Hero's Folly: The lessons we take from failure can be fundamental to later success. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. Write an essay on how it affected you, and what you learned from the experience.

The Hero's Lamentation: Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again? Place your reflection in essay form.

The Hero's Enigma: Write an essay describing a problem you've solved or a problem you'd like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma - anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution.

Legend of the Hero: Discuss, in essay form, an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.

I am a huge Star Trek fan, and my students know it.  I included the following Sentence in my game play:

Wise Words:  Find an inspirational Star Trek quote and write a 100 word paragraph describing why it inspires you.

I always get a groan from this one, but I love it.  I have gotten some  REALLY good paragraphs!

Here are a few I came up with

  1. Can only communicate through writing for the rest of the class period.
  2. Write my class sentences 10 times: "I have acted like a fool in Mrs. Abner's class and now have to write these stupid sentences because I chose not to change my behavior after she warned me."

I have a recycle bin in my class for aluminum, glass, and plastic bottles. Of course, my middle schoolers will sometimes use it as a trash can and it needs occasional cleaning.  So, I created a sentence:

* Hard Labor-Clean all of the trash out of the recycle bin. 


* You are now a pauper. Lose all but 25 GP. 

We have silly sentences in our school, because most of our students are middle school students with special needs. 

One of them is to do 10 "I'm a star" jumping jacks. They do 10 jumping jacks and in a high pitched voice yell out I'm a star in between each one. It's great and funny and the kids who end up doing it find themselves laughing along with everyone else. 

There's another one where a student has to eat lunch with a teacher and watch an episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross or a QVC episode from the 90s with Joan Rivers selling Faberge eggs. They hate it, but the behavior almost always corrects itself after one time. 

My personal favorite, submitted by a student:

Skip around the room 3 times while "I feel Pretty plays". Rather than getting a lunch detention or after school detention it's surprising how many middle school students choose this option gladly. 

By doing silly things like this, the students aren't humiliated and they don't shut down. 

There are always students who refuse to do any of these sentences, regardless of what it is, so we have contingencies in place when that happens.

I want to thank Melysa, Gwendolyn and DeAnn, I adapted a few of yours ;) I teach middle school students, and this is my revised list of sentences.

Banished to the Isle of Time-Out till it be morrow. 

Compose a letter of dishonor to the principal explaining how you lost all your HP and how you will prevent it from occurring again. 

Copy a text from the Tome of Deutsch. (referring to the textbook) 

Dine with Frau(that's me) and repent for your wrongdoing. (I might throw on an episode of Bob Ross from now on, because that sounds delightful.)

The bards require a recruit! Frolic about the room 3 times whilst a melody is played for thee. 

Peasant! Tidy the room most thoroughly. 

You are now a pauper. Lose all but 25 GP. 




How do you manage your regression sentence? Is it possible to remove experience points?


If you type a - before a value in the "All Stats" section, it will subtract that value from the player.

Click the "All Stats" button on the player's page.

Enter the negative value.

All done!

Just as a note, this penalty is the equivalent to losing a level and a half's worth of XP. 

Is there a way to mark when a student has completed a sentence? or to remove it?

Hi Patricia,

In the top, right corner should be an icon of an open book. You can click on that and select the X when a student completes his/her sentence. 


- Danielle Capitan

I teach middle school math and these are some of mine. A few are borrowed.



ACT OUT YOUR DEATH. You must act well enough to receive applause from your classmates or lose 15 health. (Forces them to do well or fall out again and receive another sentence).

Call your parents during class and explain how you fell in battle today (I provide a template on how to get started with this)

Create a math rap/poem/song that pertains to the current content (I have some really good ones this year from my students).

Give a short presentation on the lesson

Go to both principals offices and explain why you fell out to them (I also provide a quick template for them with spots for the principals signatures).

Lonely Island: You are stranded on a deserted island. You must sit in a corner of the room away from the class for 3 days starting tomorrow. During this time you will be unable to participate in group activities, help group members, be helped by group members, or receive Classcraft rewards.



To be a pain, it's lose, not kids always find my errors, I'd rather you get it first :)

Thats what I get for trying to quickly typing this out between classes. Thanks for catching it 

I teach middle school and a few that I use are:

-organize all the textbooks

-do the chicken dance 

-give everyone a Hi-5 or Fist bump (I have to say a gentle one)

-push in the chairs

-sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

-clean tables

Since my students are adult learners (for the most part - some parallel enrolled High Schoolers), for the most part I let THEM decide what the sentences should be.  I never use those that do things like reduce the amount of time you have for an exam.  Exams are high-stakes in college, and mine take the full time allotted.  But I do always add coming to see me during in-person or on-line office hours to talk about what led to falling in battle.   Most of my students fall because of failed or skipped assignments, especially in online classes.  

They come up with some pretty good things - create a timeline or map to help you study and make copies for your team, give a 5 minute presentation on a topic you struggled with, show Laura your notes and flashcards a few days before the next exam, use your revision power to revise your failed assignment (even if you'd rather spend the AP on something else), and so on!  I just give them the guidelines that sentences should help them get BACK on track to succeed and they take it from there... they know what works for them.

This really helps with buy-in.  My students don't care if they can't sit next to a friend or some other small punishment.  They don't clean the classrooms or anything like that, since they are only there for 55 minutes before going on to their next class.  But if they DO get a sentence and choose not to serve it, I just change their password so they cannot log in and use powers.  

@Anthony  Can you provide that template of calling their parents and telling them how they fell?  I'm curious.

I'm intrigued by the loss of XP, but I also have one where they lose all of their AP.  I teach 4th grade and the kids value the AP since it's their pathway to using powers.  Losing it all is a killer!  I also have clean all the tables in the room.  Write a letter to principal, Lose half of GP, and also the lucky, "Nothing" happens and they catch a break!

I'm not sure I'd want to take away XP.  That would seem like a pretty permanent set-back for a student.  I could see doing it though, if the student plagiarizes.  In my classes, the biggest source of XP is from grades.  So if a student plagiarized, that assignment would become a zero, and they would lose the XP they gained from it.   But I don't think I would do it as a standard sentence.   

Removing AP though - now that's a good one.  It makes sense that a character wouldn't have any energy after "falling in battle."   I could also see doing that if they do NOT serve a sentence - easier than changing their password.  Just keep dropping them to 0 AP until they serve the sentence....  



I'm curious about your template for the parents and principals as well. Could you share or email it or something?

@Shawn and @Allison

I could not insert the file here so I will just type out a small example of what mine looks like.


Hope that helps

Hi Anthony,

If you want to share your whole form, while you can't attach it here, you can put it on Google Docs and link it!  I think anyone could create their own form from your example though.



We try to keep it silly. I have 9th and 11th grade English. We can't do the serious ones like detention if an event just made them fall in battle.

15-30 seconds of uninterrupted eye contact with a teammate. This must take place in front of the entire class. If eye contact is broken at any point the clock restarts at 0. 

Here are my sentences for this year. 

Hello teachers, I have a question ... When a student dies we apply a sentence ... but does he come back to life? Do you recover all your points when you complete it?

How do you do it?



Hi Miquel,

So when you click the button to give Health damage and a student Falls in Battle, they end up with a small amount of Health left after the "fall."  You can set what this is in the game rules, but the default is 1.  You can also customize the amount of Health the rest of the team takes when one of their members Falls in Battle.  That default is 10.  

Now that they have "Fallen," they will also receive a Sentence they need to fulfill.   This will show up in the Sentences drop-down menu on your game - that's in the upper right corner.   You can also fully customize those to suit your class.  In fact, if your students are old enough, you might want to let them help you set the sentences.   I always aim for things that will help the student get back on track in the class with grades, behavior, etc.  

Now, there is no game mechanism for making SURE the student serves the sentence.  That's really up to you and your classroom management.  If you don't do anything and they don't do anything, then it just sits there and they can continue to play as normal.   What I do since I teach online and my students are remote is change their password.  Then they cannot access the game until they serve the sentence.  

I hope that helps!

Hear No Evil: lose music privileges during independent work time for two days. 

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