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Hi, everyone:

The Student Lifecycle allows you to create new characters for students each year while keeping their accounts the same. Students can view records of old characters and even equip old pets to their new avatars.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the Student Lifecycle here!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

I have some kids from last year who are showing up as being in two classes, but I don't think they should be. I'm not connected to any other teachers in multi-class, and I thought I had archived my old classes. Should I send in a ticket or do you have a suggestion?

Hey Meaghan,

Hmm, let's take a closer look. I made this a ticket for you. Our support team will investigate in the morning. :)

This is an awesome addition as I have many students taking the advanced level or another of my courses. However, I am trying to create my classes tonight and I am running in to an error stating that "An account with this email already exists." I believe I have deleted courses before the archive feature was in place so it is getting confuddled with those old students in the database.

-- In the meantime I am adding the students and omitting the email address from my returning students and will just give them the sign up code.

Hey Scott,

Yeah, just omit the email address when adding the new students by first and last name. Then give them the new student code, have them log in with their existing account, and have them enter the new code in their profile. This will archive their old character and let them create the new one.

Hope that helps!

Awesome Possum!! Thank you.

I have a student using Classcraft at home. She is using the regular user name and password, however she is getting a message that her avatar is archived. How do we get the avatar back? 

Hi, Lindy!

I created a ticket so we can investigate this further.

I like this.  Any plans to allow teacher to export archieved students to other teacher accounts?

Hi Scott,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean, so feel free to get back to me if my answer isn't what you were looking for.

Teachers don't really have archived students, but archived classes. Teachers can't access their archived classes; they aren't (and won't be) able to export them.

However, a teacher can add to their class a student who has played before. When a teacher adds a student by first and last name, it generates a student code for them. The student can then enter that code in their existing account (the one they used in a previous class, either with the same teacher or with another teacher). It will archive their character if it had not been archived already. The student will be able to view all their archived characters.

Hello. I would like to make new teams periodically, and each time, we need the players to return to their preset beginning-of-game point totals. Students also need to choose new character roles with each team/seating change. What is the most simple way to accomplish this? 


Hi Ms. Janson,

The easiest way to do this would be to create a new class (you can import your class settings) and import the students from the Student Database. When you import students, you can choose between "Connect with Multi-Class" and "Archive Character." Since you want students to choose new character classes and have their points reset, "Archive Character" is the best option (it'll do just that).

How often would this happen in a school year? You might want to play with the Game Duration option or change the preset values so that students still have time to level up a few times.

If I would prefer to let students continue with their current characters into next year, is that possible? For example, can a 7th grade student with a 10th level Healer be archived during the summer then be allowed to continue as a 10th level Healer in the 8th grade next year? My students have worked hard to earn their levels and gold during the school year and have expressed a dislike about having to start all over again at 1st level next year. I can completely relate to how they feel. Any suggestion would be appreciated. By the way, I teach at a private school, so the 7th grade student would still be my student in 8th grade; different homeroom but would still be in my Language Arts class.  

Does the student's points carry over from one year to the next?

Hi, Richard!
Hi, Alexandria!

In order for students to pick up where they left off, you must not achieve them: You'll have to keep your class intact as any form of archiving will reset all the students' progress.

You can, however, change the name of the class in your class settings:

Since using Classcraft in consecutive years, I am a fan of the Student Lifecycle/Archive system. It makes transitioning from year to year very seamless. Like Richard, I have many of the same students year to year (I teach German and am the only one in my building), so they want to start the year anew with their same powers. 

Since not all of my students are repeat students, I have to make it fair for the new ones that didn't have the opportunity to take German the previous year. A compromise that seemed to work well for both myself and them was to start them off at Level 1, but give them all the opportunity to "Test Out" of material we learned the year before. From there, they will start off a level higher or maybe 2 levels higher if they exceed expectations. Perhaps this can be modified for different subject areas? Either testing out or providing optional summer work? 

My students were really happy that they could equip the pets they trained from previous years. This gave them more incentive to switch character types to unlock more pets and different gear. 

Thanks for this!


I am teaching a semester course and would like to archive my semester 1 classes. These students, however, are in full-year courses using CC and I don't want to mess their progress up for those classes. I read the comments about renaming the old classes. Is that the best way to handle this? Rename now and archive at the end of the year?




Hi Wendy,

Archiving your Classcraft class no longer affects your students' characters. So you can go ahead and archive it as you normally would!

I hope this helps!

It's a new school year, so I archived my classes from last year. Some of my students moved up with me, and they still have the same avatars as last year. I deleted those kids individually and then added them back manually, but they are still showing that they have the same level. Additionally, they are seeing a teacher and classmates from two years ago. We use Google Classroom, so I'm not sure how to get around this.

Hi Melissa, 

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having with some of your student accounts. I am sure that we will be able to help you out. Could you please send some of the names and email addresses of the students you are having trouble with to We would be more than happy to look into this for you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you up and running with Classcraft this year! :)

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