Pets, gear, and Gold Pieces (GP)

Hi, everyone:

Pets and gear enable students to customize their avatars’ look and are unlocked through Gold Pieces (GP). These vary with the Free and Premium models.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about pets, gear, and Gold Pieces here!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

@Jihae I have the students be in charge of telling me that they are invoking the power.  for example, I have a student approach me during  work time and let me know "I finished training my bear, can I have my reward?" For the bonus "on Wednesday" powers, I use part of my planning period to just look at who has what pet equipped and dole out accordingly.


Some pets I lament during class that "if only you had Ember equipped, your team could have attempted that boss battle again!" and the kids will refer to my wall chart of pet abilities wondering what they can do.


I've had great success getting the kids motivated to look at their equipment and such from adding pet powers this year rather than just set up equipment once when we registered and letting it ride the whole year.


just a quick question: I have premium, but when my students log in to the Android app in class, and want to change their outfit/gear, it says: " Premium required", on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Plus, the pet section doesn't show up.

When they log in via Chrome Browser, the pet section is available, but they still can't access the premium higher-level gear (they're all level 1 so far) 

Anything you can do about it?


Thanks a lot!

Hi Stéven,

The Premium trial is not available on the app. We apologize for the inconvenience!

As for the gear, that's normal: Gear is hidden until students have reached the level required to wear that particular piece of equipment.

Hope this helps!

Are there any guidelines about how many GP students should/could earn per level?  Some students pointed out that as they increase in levels, so do the costs of equipment.  Personally, I thought was too generous with awarding GP for completing tasks early or on time.

@Brian I just started using Classcraft and I'm also having a hard time trying to figure out appropriate reward levels for GP (and the other stats), too. 

I love Kyle's idea! 

Hi Jestin and Brian!

I personally view GP as a bonus or extra action a student does that is unrelated to my content area (German), but can act as an additional reward for being helpful/engaged. Besides leveling up and training their pet, my students can earn GP if they 1) Win at a game we play in class (ex: Kahoot) or 2) Volunteer to do 'chores' during class. (Passing back papers, cleaning the board, straightening the laptop cart, etc.) 3) Getting 100% on a quiz/test. 

The chores thing is very helpful, since the kids that want the extra Gold will always volunteer. I'm never short on help! 

Hello, I have had premium for about 3 months now. I have students who have reached level 5 and have several sets of gear. Many of them have trained their pets on a number of training missions (at least 8 or 10, maybe more). Nevertheless they are not given the option to equip their pets. I have had tow students manage to equip griffon babies, but this seemed more like an accident than by good management. And now one of my students who just bought a level 5 sit of armour has had her griffon disappear (not visible in calss on teacher account), though she is certain she did not unequip it) How many times exactly must a pet be trained before it can be equipped? I have gone through personally to try and figure out what has been going on from a students perspective but frankly Im stumped and would love to know exactly what is goin on. Is that a bug in need of fixing? I am using an ASUS laptop, google chrome (updated) and Windows 10. 


I look for to hearing back from someone in the know. 

Hey, John! 

I'd love to help get this resolved for you. I'm creating a ticket about this case as we speak. Expect to receive an email from Classcraft support soon!

Hola a todos!

Soy nuevo en classcraft y me gustaría saber cómo mis alumnos pueden customizar a sus personajes

So, if I'm understanding this correctly I cannot buy my students pets and equipment for them through my teacher account? I live in a very remote community and we do not have cell service here so my students don't have the app (most of them don't have internet) and I haven't bothered to create student accounts. I go through the game with them once a week to learn powers etc. and some of them want to spend their GP to buy pets but we can't find any way to do that through my account. Am I understanding correctly what my problem is here or am I simply missing where I need to go? If I am correct is there any way around this?

Hi Corinne, 

I believe that you are understanding correctly. Every pet has a specific set of achievements a student must accomplish in order to "unlock" them. This being said, they cannot be directly purchased by teachers or even by us. 

In regards to your next question, Yes; there is a way to work around this in your case. What I would do is let the students pick the pets they want, followed by starting that specific mission for that pet and having you assist them in completing the tasks. These tasks are, for example, gain 40 GP in one day. Once they start the mission, you can then give them that 40 GP, where it will then take 24 hours for the game to update on that particular mission "checkpoint". You would likely need to do this for the 2-3 checkpoints it takes to unlock a pet.

What's nice about this is that you can still use this to your advantage to get good behavior. Although you might not require them to do exactly what the mission says, in the event that it's harder or even impossible to do without internet, you could still ask them to show other forms of good behavior to complete their pet unlocking objective. 

Hope that helps, Corinne! Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else at all I can help you with. 

I had a student speed through my Quests and get a bunch of armor. First, can I take away armor for not doing a good job on questions? Which point set allows the to buy armor or pets?

Thanks to Kyle and Jeff's work, I made these pet "badges" to be printed. The students write their name when they earn their pet. They put them into a pocket chart as a place to permenantly do a "job" for a student. Once placed, it can not move. Students can have multiple pets doing the same job.

Pets can: 
1) distract- 1 minute to look at notes during a boss battle
2) attack- pet absorbs 1 HP of damage during a boss battle
3) retrieve- pet allows communication with a friend during a boss battle
4) calculate- student can use a calculator on one boss battle question

@Kelly  do you have a printable "job" sheet that you use?  I was thinking of using page protectors pinned to a corkboard to give kids a spot to pocket their pets and abilities. I love the simplicity of your version

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