Pets, gear, and Gold Pieces (GP)

Hi, everyone:

Pets and gear enable students to customize their avatars’ look and are unlocked through Gold Pieces (GP). These vary with the Free and Premium models.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about pets, gear, and Gold Pieces here!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

I have been asked several times what the point of pets was and if they did anything beyond appear on the screen. 

When fully leveled up, could pets have abilities? i.e. an equipped Lightwalker (the unicorn) could prevent the player from falling in a boss battle, or and equipped Dash/Ember/Patches (the first pets for each class) could allow the player to use Protect/ManaTransfer/Heal more effectively.

some of my more avid RPGers would also like to complete actual tasks to level up pets, i.e. Ember level one is "Test power by having him conjure a small flame to see in the dark" - task explain a class concept your teammates do not understand to enlighten them. Or, for Flametounge - investigate the disturbance - run an errand for the teacher

These could be editable like the powers to better fit the classroom and age group.

Hey Cara,

Pets are purely cosmetic — meaning they're just there to give students a little something else to show off, just like with the gear. Training pets also rewards students with GP.

We'll see if we can make pet tasks customizable in the future. ;)

I assigned powers to each pet, so that kids had an incentive to log in and train them. Powers included getting a piece of candy, changing seats for the day, etc.  The powers were the same for all character classes, so that no one group of kids had "better" powers than any other. 

Oh! That's super cool, Kaye. :)

Kaye - I did as well, but since I teach High School my rewards are more like "retake a failed quiz" or "omit a question on a test." My pet's powers are different but comparable.  

I do something similar. I limited once-a-week bonuses to Wednesday so I don't have to spend a lot of time daily figuring out what pet is activating.


Need to work in the new pets (and I'm willing to take suggestions)


Thanks for sharing Jeff!  :)

My students can't see their armor or clothing change. Should they be able to? 

Hi Connie, 

Is the problem only with the Halloween gear? Which browser and device are your students using?


Mélysa, Community Manager


 My students have trained a few pets, but are upset they don't show up with their avatar on the dashboard. Are we missing something?


My students have had that same problem in the past (along with armor pieces not displaying).  We have found that if they change their pet or armor, save, then change back it will work.  It doesn't seem to be a 100% solution, though.

Thank you Jeff! I was also wondering how to assign the pets powers. I think you and one other person mentioned you do that? I tried bumbling around myself to figure it out, but I couldn't.

how do i make it enabled so my students can use pets


Hi Ethan,

The only pets available in the Free version are the baby griffon pets. If you invite parents, and they create a parent account, it will unlock the baby griffon pets for their child.

In the Premium version, students unlock a new pet whenever they purchase every item in a gear set.

I really want to be able to see the students' pets on the Game Dashboard. They share with me about them all the time and it would be nice to see who has what, if nothing else but for fun.

Hi Brooke,

You should see the students' pets on the Game Dashboard, along with their character. For that to be the case, though, your students must "equip" their pet in the Equipment section.

Yes, I can see student pets on the student game dashboard, but they can't be seen from the teacher account.

Hi Brooke,

I'll create a ticket so we can investigate the issue.

Is there a way that teachers can see the available gear and pets in the in-game store? I'd like to see the prices for gear and things so I can balance how much GP I give the kids, but I don't know how much anything costs.


Thanks for the help!

Hi Nicholas,

The only way to do that would be to create student accounts for each character class and to give them enough XP to reach the highest level (18). That way, you'll be able to see all available gear sets. :-)

Are there any plans to change this in the near future? I know this feature has been asked for by many members in the past couple of years, especially as new gear sets become available.

It would be nice for teacher accounts to be able to browse through the gear options, sets, pets, costs, and so on.

Also, Jeff and Cara, I'd be curious to know what bonuses you gave the pets. I am doing a similar thing with gear, and pets would be a neat thing to add into the mix. Thanks.

How are y'all assigning powers to the pets? I cannot find anywhere to edit that information.

Hi, Adam!

I'm so sorry: Somehow I missed your comment. We are hoping to change it, but it won't be in the "near" future.

Monica, it's not possible to assign powers to pets in the game. These are dedicated teachers who "manually" customize the game for their students. 🙂

Okay thank you for the fast reply, I do that as well, but I wasn't sure if there was a place in the game to change it.  Thank you.

Monica, you're very welcome! 😃

I agree. I just started playing with my students and many of them asked why the pets were useful. They get trained to get GP, but then they are just spending the GP on more items. They (and I ) would like for pets to give additional HP or have protections. Anything that gives them motivation for spending GP on pets in the game. Some of my boys (I teach at an all boys school) aren't going to care for the cosmetics once they find an outfit set that they like. 

I like that idea of it giving them more HP or AP.  I wish the armor did that too, maybe have an effect on it as well that gives them a special power that they can use.  

We just bought Premium and my students want more out of pets too.  It took them all of 15 minutes to realize that they offered no in game benefit.  I can create some but it would be very nice if the pets could be "assigned a task" that offered some in game benefit-

Stand Guard- Students sleep better, regain 1 AP a day while this task is chosen

Defend!- Pet Distracts the Boss, Allows player to use powers during "boss battle".

Hunt- Pet gathers sustenance, regain 1 HP a day while this task is chosen

Trick- Pet earns 1gp a day while this task is chosen

It can be minor and not really anything that "breaks" the game but it would allow students to interact with pets to make them important.  Pets could be trained to do these instead of just gold piece tasks.  It's thematic too!  

Those are very creative ideas, Kyle! 🙂

@Jeff How do your students activate the pets power?

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