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Hi, everyone:

By connecting your Classcraft account to your Google/Google Classroom account, you can import students, attach Google Drive files to posts, reward students for Google Classroom assignments, and more.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Google integration!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

Question - 


My profile says my email is connected to Google and it is the same email as my Google Classroom account. But when I click grade book or content, I don't see where I can find assignments I have in Classroom. So basically I'm asking how to add assignments from Classroom into Classcraft. 

Anyone experiencing this issue can first try logging out and logging back in with their Google log-in. That may resolve the issue. If not, reach out and let us know!

I'm connected with Google Classroom and able to give points for assignments. All of my students show up in the list for any given assignment, however, for some students Class Craft seems unable to grab grades and whether an assignment is turned in from Google. Is this because they didn't log in to their accounts with Google? (They were supposed to, but some didn't follow the directions...) If so, how do I fix this? Also, I give grades even when a student hasn't turned in the work. Class Craft doesn't seem to recognize those (or maybe it's the same issue as before). 

I am curious about whether there will be any integration with the new Quizzes feature in Google. I know its totally new, but up until now, I have been using Google Forms for quizzes and manually entering in XP for correct answers, and subtracting HP for incorrect ones.

On the other hand, I know that self-correcting quizzes is on the horizon, and it may be better to have a native function to do that instead.

Either way, any news on this front? I'd really like to convert my quizzes to a format that will automatically assign XP and HP.


how does this integration work if my students have Google accounts (g suite/GAFE), and we do not use the Classroom piece?

Hi David,

If you don't use Google Classroom, the Google integration will still allow you and your students to use a single sign-on and to import documents from Google Drive.

It says that I have another account.  I tried to unlink my Google account to hook it to my original from 2014, but it won't let me.

Hi Venus,

You can't link to your old Google account because it was used to create a Classcraft teacher account. If you delete your unused Classcraft account (or if you change the email for it in your profile), you'll be able to link your current Classcraft account to your original Google account.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey community support team,

I wish I had posted this earlier when I was experiencing the problem, but I was having troubles with students creating characters with their Google Accounts. I had imported them from my Google Classroom and was getting them to log-in and create their first character. After clicking the Google log-in, it often didn't bring up the window to select an active Google user. It instead redirected to the page in Classcraft asking students for their teacher-generated access code. In a pinch, I just went and showed all of the students their access codes so they could log in, but if I hadn't known where to go from years past, I would've been in a bit more of a panic.

Not sure if this glitch was on the Classcraft side of things or the Google side of things, but I wanted to let you all know so you can check it out. Thanks as always for your help!



Thank you, Sam! We can check it out.

Is there an easy way to integrate Google Forms?  I try to put a link to my Google form in my task, but it doesn't hyperlink and I can't seem to find a way to allow Google Forms autograding mechanism to import grades into Classcraft. Thanks!

Hi Christopher,

To answer your question; yes! There is a way to add Google form links or links to any website, for that matter. Have you tried clicking on the "link" button highlighted below?


I have managed to get the links working, but is there a way for Google forms (which can autograde the assignments if you have entered an answer key) to push that answer to classcraft?  I would love to see them automatically unlock the next path based on a pass/fail from Google Forms.

I don't believe we have that functionality just yet, but that's a wonderful idea and so I'll share it with the team, for sure!

Thank you for your feedback, Christopher! It's truly appreciated :)

Can I integrate Google Classroom AFTER the students have their Classcraft account? We are having problems getting our google logins set up at school this year.

Hi Eleanor, 

Absolutely! Once your students have their accounts, they will simply need to set their email address to their Google Classroom email address and then head over to their "My Profile" page ( to click on the "Link Google Account" button. 

I am sorry to hear that you're having trouble with google logins at your school. If there's anything Classcraft-related we can help with, please never hesitate to reach out to us at Our support team is always more than happy to get teachers up and running! :)

Have a great day, and an awesome back to school!



Is there anyway to import a Google Classroom Question the way you can an assignment.  What I am looking for is for students watch a video clip etc. and respond to an overall reflection question and not be able to see the others responses until after they post.  Questions in Google Classroom does that but, I was  suprised to see that the questions didn't appear in import option in my quest.  

1.  Is it possible to do it and I am just doing it wrong

2. If it is not possible does anyone know a work around?

Hey, Jade!

Thanks for asking! Why don't you check this again?! :)

Between the time you asked and now, the team has actually added this feature!

Enjoy importing questions from Google Classroom! 

I have linked my Google and Classcraft accounts. I sent out a quest. A student has completed that quest. They made a Scratch project and copied and pasted the link into the Google Classroom assignment. It shows up in Classcraft and I clicked on the green check mark. So far everything is working perfectly.


I had the Google Classroom assignment step in the quest worth 100XP and 20 GP but it didn't automatically add those to the student total, and it didn't add them once I clicked on the green check mark.

How do you have Classcraft add the XP and GP to a Google Classroom assignment?

Does that make sense?

Hi Owen,

Could you verify with other students if the same situation is happening? The reward you set up for each task should be given as soon as you click the green checkmark for this task. You can verify if the reward was given in the gamefeed section (The newspaper icon in the upper right part of your interface).

Hello. I am just now trying the grade converter tool and I am having trouble. Students have completed the Google Form (Assignment) and it is showing that 14 students have completed it and 8 have not. Surely, I don't have to enter the scores they got on the assignment manually, do I? The scores are not importing into Classcraft and I, therefore, can not award points. Please help!


Is the Form assigned via Google Classroom? When I do a similar assignment, I grade the form and import the scores so they show up in classroom. Then in the Grade converter, I select the appropriate assignment from the list of Google Classroom assignments and it figures the XP for me.

Classcraft won't import directly from the form as far as I know.

Hi Daphne, 


Sam is correct, Google Classroom no longer allows the export of their data into another application, meaning that any specific grading that is done in Google Classroom or on a Google form can no longer be imported directly into Classcraft. These would need to be entered manually using the Grade Converter as described by Sam. 

Thank you Sam for your feedback here, much appreciated! :)


Is there any hope of restoring that function? That was such a useful feature!

So, I'm new to Classcraft, and it sounded great when I first started playing with it.

Now I'm at the point where I'm trying to play through some existing activities in my subject area to get a feel for it, and every time I search for a new activity, the website logs me out, or doesn't recognize that I'm logged in.  Therefore, I can't Import anything to try it!  When I click "import," I can't select a class.  


Is this a new issue, or a known one?  I've messed with computer settings, chrome settings, and even tried restarting everything.  Does anyone have a solution for this?  I'd really like to see what this thing can do!

Hi Keri!

Sorry to hear you've been having issues! Please email us directly at or by using our live-chat and we'll be able to assist you!

Have a great day!

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