Hi, everyone:

Playing Classcraft under a school or district license? Sharing a student with another teacher through Teacher Connect? One of your students play in several of your classes? Multi-Class is a status applied to any student playing in more than one class.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Multi-Class!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

Some of my students are listed as multiclass characters although they do not have any other teachers running this app. Is there a way to disable this feature so these particular students' XP are at the same rates as their peers?

What about if a student is switched from my period 1 class into my period 2 class? Is there a quick and easy way to have them join the new class and delete them from the old class without them losing their settings, power, gear and points?

Hi Kyle,


Just follow these steps:

1) Go to your class settings.
2) Click "Add Students," then click "Student Database."
3) Select the student you wish to import into the class.
4) Then go into the old class and safely remove the student.

I'm not sure if this is the issue we are encountering. 

I am 1 of 4 teachers and Aides that share a class space with about 40 kids. We were all on CC with the free version just fine, but after investing in the premium version we are only able to have 2 on at a time. This is a problem as we are used to battling against the other pods, at the beginning of our club time.

Anyone have a suggestion how we can fix this?


Thanks, Annette

Hi, Annette!

When you were using the Free version, were you all logged in at the exact same time? How many devices were you using (desktop, mobile, etc.)? There's a maximum of two logins in both Free and Premium, so I'm not sure where the difference you're encountering comes from.

Anne-Marie, we had 3 mac books and 2 cell phones all logged on with the same user. Not sure why it worked then, maybe just a fluke.


Hi Annette,

That's really the only way I could explain it! Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I know this was last year, but no one responded to Luis's question above. I am having the same problem. Is there a way to deactivate students from multi-class?

Hi, Molly!

As we did for Luis, I will need to create a ticket to go over personal information with you. You should receive an email from Classcraft shortly!

Hi Anne-Marie,

If a student is in multiple classes, do they have to be the same character class in each class. Fo example, once a mage always a mage? We are concerned about having too many of one character type in one class. 

Does that make sense?


Hi Wendy,

If your school is using Teacher Connect and Multi-Class, students will indeed be playing with the same character from class to class. Since there's a limit of one active character per student account, students would need to create a separate account to play with another character. (Note that, in that second account, students wouldn't be able to connect to Google Classroom.)

If you worry about having too many of one character type, just make sure that each team has at least one Mage, one Healer, and one Warrior. Also, you can always consider changing a student's character class:

Hope this helps!

I have a premium account, and another teacher at my school wants to use the free account. We share a couple of the same students, how will that work. Will they have to create another account to be in both classes?

Hi Ms. Schwartz! Nope -- your students can be in both your premium class and your colleague's free class! If you two are already linked via Teacher Connect, all you need to do know is have the student be imported from the teacher that already has him or her in her class. I hope this helps! 

Hello, I'm having problems with a few students another teacher and I share. We are using multi-connect but for some reason, some students are not active. If I add the students in my class, they are bumped out of the other teacher's class. The active button is not checked under multi-class.


Connie Mimura

Hey, Connie! 

It would be a pleasure to help you out with this. I've created a ticket in our system and will reach out to you by email for more information! 

I have three students in one class that are showing up as enrolled as multi-class players, but as far as we can tell they are not enrolled in any other classes.  As a result the numbers they need are different from all other players in the class.  Is there a was of removing the multi-class function for these students?

I have students who gained GP, but they did not level up and I did not give it to them.  I know there are hacks students can find online.  Is there a way I can tell how these students gained gold?  The game feed only says when they gained gold but not how or why.

Hey, Sharon!

I have gone ahead and created tickets for your questions so that we can assist you with them directly. We shall be in touch soon!


I have some students enrolled in multi-class (they have me for multiple periods). If students are in multi-class, they should need more XP to level up, correct? Most of my class needs say 1162 XP to level up, but my multi-class students only need 234 XP? Is this correct? 



Hey, Dumas!

You are correct. When in Multi-Class, students are naturally exposed to more Classcraft time, and thus have more chance to gain XP. What that means is that the XP caps of all the Classcraft classes for a student are added together. In other words, if you're a student that has 3 classes that each require 1000 XP to level up, you'll now need 3000 XP to level up, but that's okay since you have 3 times more opportunities to do so. 

For your Multi-Class student needing only 234 XP to level up; that does look a bit odd to me. Is that the level cap (total difference in XP required to go from one level to the next, no matter the current level or current amount of XP), or just the current amount of XP required to level up?

Here is a screen shot that shows what I am looking at. I don't know what I can do to fix this. Thanks!

Looks like it fixed itself! Thanks!

You're welcome, Dumas! :-)

I can't see to find an answer to there a way to UNCONNECT multi-class? There is one other teacher using Classcraft and we share several students. But she is really, REALLY stingy about giving XP and our common kids are really frustrated because they never level up. Is there a way to separate our classes so we aren't dependent on each other anymore?

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