Introducing the game to parents

Hi, everyone:

What ways have you found helpful for introducing parents to Classcraft?

Feel free to share suggestions, experiences, and resources here.

Our Help Section has a handout you can download that explains the game to parents, information on how to invite them to the parent app, as well as tutorials and videos to help them get started.

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

I am very excited to implement this program in my classroom. 

If I play the game in French with students, can parents sign in and see everything in English?

Hi Hélène,

If your class is set up in French, the interface might originally be in french for the parents but they can go in their profile page and change the language of their account to English :)

I might be a bit bad, when I started with my new class, I met with each parent individually with each child told them roughly about the program and that we were going to use it. 

I then sent them an email through the class. 

But this method works as well but might not be the best.


from Iceland

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