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Hi, everyone:

You may be wondering what other teachers’ experiences have been starting Classcraft in their classes. Feel free to share some details of your first day with the game here so the teachers just beginning to play can get a sense of what to expect!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

I started my year in Classcraft today and it was also the first time I used the student-centered character creation. It was terrific. I had them join my google classroom last time we met, so importing the names was smooth. I then printed out everyone's account papers with their individual codes, and we watched the introduction video. We walked through the presentation and I paused on the screen with their link until I saw that all of the accounts had been created.

The next thing I did was a little different from your presentation (and maybe something to add), but I logged into a dummy account and showed them the different features they had on their end. It helped clear up questions about outfits, pets, etc.

We did our first random events (which was "Crazy DJ" in one class and then someone immediately died in the other) and everyone had a great time.


 I am going to launch tomorrow. the only thing that I am a little confused on is what videos am I ashowing the kids? It didn't seem clear ...

Hi, Saranii!

You can find the "Present Classcraft to your students" video here:

And, Sam, thank you for sharing! :)

I started last September.  I made the hero pact an assignment on Classroom and I presented all the materials for starting them off, but the real buy-in happened from just doing it every day.  I used Chrome's Fullscreen feature so that even though I displayed other things, it was a click to get right back onto Classcraft.  Asking students to protect each other really also helps pull in a student you may be "losing."

Adding your own events after that first day also REALLY HELPS.  They like seeing something super official but obviously written by you.

What types of "Events" do you use?

Every year, I start my Classcraft early. My room is set up in groups of 4, so it's imperative (for classroom management and future activities) that I set up Classcraft and norms right away. I usually dedicate 2-3 days to Classcraft. This includes an introduction, a discussion on the three classes and their skills, and I give time for students to choose their groups (groups of 3-4 kids), who's going to be which class, and their team name. This is important because they're not allowed to change classes or move groups from that moment on.

For the past couple years, I used the default powers, but this year I decided to change a few descriptions. This time around, I'm also going to start removing some of the random events that require students to stand. I'll either remove them entirely or set a time limit (so that they can sit down again).

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