Student Profile Notes

I think it would be a wonderful idea if on each profile there was a place for a teacher to write a small note.

These could have many uses such putting reminders about specific learners such as they still need to hand in homework or are late with an assignment, that they earn double points for that day or a date when they earn new points, that you owe them points if maybe the internet was down during class time. You could put any other useful notes depending on whatever a teachers so it have a multitude of uses.

It could be just a small edit box below the student's name or at the bottom of a profile that a teacher can change whenever needed.

Currently I just change the student's name by adding letters/numbers to remind myself of things, but a proper system would be brilliant.

That could be interesting, Dan!

I'll add the idea of integrating a Note field to the student profile on the teacher side to our feature request platform.

Thanks for the suggestion, we love hearing feedback on how to improve Classcraft!

Another alternative is there is already a notifications bar/area, so perhaps it might be possible for teachers to add their written notifications/alerts/reminders in there until they are marked off as done.

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