Advancing tasks in quests

I am very new.

I have made my own quest and have assigned tasks through google classroom. Most students complete the assignment and we now know to turn the assignment in to Classcraft. I check off they have completed the task so they get rewards and can go on to the next task.

The problem is that with pandemic learning, we are offering grace for students in completing work late and granting exemptions. My question is how to I advance a student to do the next task without having the student receive the reward of gold and points, because they haven't done the task but I do not want them to give up!

Thank you!

Hi Victoria,

If you wish to let your students advance without being granted the reward for completing an objective in Quests, you can use the red X instead of the green checkmark if you've allowed both on your path:

As you can see on the Overview tab of your objectives, the X result will not give the reward but can be used to make students advance if you wish: Keep in mind that, at any time, you can go back in the Overview tab and click on the green checkmark to award the XP and GP to your student if they completed the necessary assignment.

Learn more about paths here: 


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