Update Notifications for Teachers

Would be nice if teachers got notifications about classcraft updates, for example the learners inform me there are seasonal pets now available. No notification was given on teacher accounts, just student accounts. Many students struggle to log in or don't log in as often, and rely on teachers keeping them updated about such things, so would be nice if teachers could receive these same updates about new gear, pets or other changes to classcraft, like even the changing of pictures for powers that was done nice year, would be nice to get notifications on our teacher panels about that....

Hi Dan!

We try to use the cards on the right side of the teacher interface to relay bigger updates to Classcraft. As for smaller ones, we will usually send an email or post something on our social media platforms to let users know about them.

We understand that having everything in the notification cards would be ideal and I'll let our team know about your suggestion so that we can make sure teachers have all the information they need to be prepared to answer student questions!

If you are interested, follow our social pages for quick tips and interesting info about what's new in Classcraft:

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