Quest Battles


I've seen this in a few places and I think classcraft team may be working on it, but I wanted to still suggest (just in case) including battles in quest lines. They can be scaled down, much like you would have in an RPG. Like "slay this many creatures" and then they do it by answering questions. Or they have to defeat one strong creature with multiple questions.

It could even be a cliffhanger and they have to submit an assignment and the teacher has to grade it to see if they defeat the monster. I know that's a lot of work on the teacher's end, but I'm obsessed with including this class next semester.

Hope this helps!



Eddie J.

In case any of the CC developers are looking in here, I'd like to second this idea. I'm using the Form/Quiz feature as a "Mini Boss" in my quests to help check on student comprehension as they move through the quests, but I'd really like to see the Boss Battle tool be made available for "single player" if possible. I think the idea of a "sub-boss" or "Minion/Adds Rush/Tower Defense" style review/quiz would appeal to several of my students. Just my two cents as it were.

I have also been suggesting Quest Battles since April 2020 and would like to see this happen. I really like your idea of "the cliffhanger" as it ties in with the storytelling delivery of the platform.

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