New Classcraft Quiz (Beta)

I was looking at your new Quiz option on your quest objective selection menu.  This led me to your tutorial page.

I noticed something that intrigued me.  

"If your objective is Self-Paced, the outcome will be automatically selected according to your students’ grades."  

This sounds like the pass/fail path is determined based on a student's grade rather than just if they had submitted or not (which is something I've always wanted).  If so, what % or score value is needed for a green-check path vs. a red-x path?

Hi Scott,

Yes, you are correct. The Google Quiz feature is a self-grading Google Forms Quiz that is directly attached to a quest objective.

When you create the objective, you will be asked to choose the passing grade so the % or score value needed for a green-check path vs. a red-x path is up to you.

Have a good day!

Official comment

That is epic. I wonder why you don't just do that for every assignment from Google classroom. I use a lot of autograph stuff that reports to Google classroom. Bookwidgets, eddpuzzle, kaboom, quizizz. Having that % auto differentiation would be nice there too!

Hi Scott!

It took a lot of time to develop this feature and it is still in Beta testing. I hope you understand and still enjoy this added feature.

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